Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friends, Pics & Memories...

When I left off writing yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I mentioned that I made my way to Tim Horton's coffee shop at Crawford and Wyandotte St. W., here in Windsor.

At first, there were only two of us, R and I.  Even though others were later in arriving, we enjoyed nice conversation.  Just the two (2) of us!

As more people arrived, we expanded and moved to another set of tables.  Although we didn't have as many people as we used to have, because some have joined another group, we had a half dozen or so people, in attendance.

To be honest, the smaller group that we've had the last couple of months, has proved to be glorious.  More like real friends, gathering.  Of course, we are... friends, I mean.  But, it seems more like family, meeting like this.

After we had visited for a while, R brought out photos of a trip she made to Italy, a number of years ago.

How wonderful it was to look at her pics, while she described where they were taken and what the circumstances were of her being, there.  Many times, I recognized the places where the pics were taken.

It gave me a feeling of joy, yet sadness all at the same time. 

Whenever I recognized a place where Gordon and I had visited, that same old melancholy feeling enveloped me.  While it wasn't necessarily sadness, it sure brought with it a myriad of feelings.  Including the feelings of loss, and grief.

As we discussed R's pics, Y asked if I had pics of travelling with Gordon, in Europe.  I said I did.  She suggested that next month, I bring pics for all to see.  I agreed, that I would.

While sitting with the group, at first I thought it was a headache I was experiencing.

By the time we decided to end the gathering and go our separate ways, my nose was beginning to run, my head was aching, I felt like my ears, and throat were sore, not to mention my sinus.  Of course, I began coughing, too.

After dropping off a couple of friends, I made my way home.

I can't tell you how happy I was, to finally just be able to relax, take my vitamins, and something to help me feel improved.  Of course, I went on FB for a while, to update.

After chatting with friends for a while, I finally hit the sack.  Boy, did it feel good to climb between the sheets, and drift off to sleep.  It was a true blessing!

Until next time...

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