Monday, January 23, 2012

WBC: Murdered?

Hopefully, you've read the last couple of days entries in Life with Lynnie (LwL), where I wrote about this month's Windsor Book Club meetings.

On both Monday and Friday evenings, the question came up at our table as to why Jews were hated so much.

Various ideas came up in discussion, more on Friday evening, than on Monday. 

When I commented that many people were taught by their churches that Jews murdered Jesus and that people were taught to hate Jews because of this, my comment wasn't really argued with, on Monday.  On Friday, one person at our table rejected the idea, insisting the hatred directed towards Jews was because of their business abilities and prosperity..

Here is a link to Wikipedia, who posted in their Nazi antisemitism section:

On April 26, 1933 Hitler declared during a meeting with Roman Catholic Bishop Wilhelm Berning of Osnabrück:
“I have been attacked because of my handling of the Jewish question. The Catholic Church considered the Jews pestilent for fifteen hundred years, put them in ghettos, etc., because it recognized the Jews for what they were. In the epoch of liberalism the danger was no longer recognized. I am moving back toward the time in which a fifteen-hundred-year-long tradition was implemented. I do not set race over religion, but I recognize the representatives of this race as pestilent for the state and for the Church, and perhaps I am thereby doing Christianity a great service by pushing them out of schools and public functions.”
The transcript of this discussion contains no response by Bishop Berning. Martin Rhonheimer does not consider this unusual since, in his opinion, for a Catholic Bishop in 1933 there was nothing particularly objectionable "in this historically correct reminder".[37]
The Nazis used Martin Luther's book, On the Jews and Their Lies (1543), to claim a moral righteousness for their ideology. Luther even went so far as to advocate the murder of those Jews who refused to convert to Christianity, writing that "we are at fault in not slaying them"[38]

Read it for yourself.  Or, google the topic and you'll see that this was the truth.  Here are some links to check out:

Many people were taught that Jesus was murdered by Jews.  Christians who believed Jesus was their Saviour, were taught to hate Jews, by their priests, ministers and pastors, who were in many cases, the only people who could read the Bible.

The fact is, until the 20th century, most people were functionally illiterate.  Even those who could read, usually read at a very minor level.  But, the fact remains that most people could not read.

As for some churches, well they not only didn't have Bibles in their pews, but were often taught that the only people who should read the Bible, were priests/pastors/ministers.  Some church services were done in Latin, which most people couldn't understand.  It's not surprising that most people didn't understand the truth.

Comprehension is another issue.  It makes me wonder how many people who could read, even understood what they were reading.

Today, we who are literate recognize that killing someone isn't necessarily murder.  We who have been blessed being able to read and understand the Bible, know that although Jesus was physically killed, He wasn't murdered.

God the Father set into motion His plan of redemption, by sending His only begotten Son, to die on a wooden cross, for the sin of all who would believe on Him.  God the Son, Jesus came to earth, to fulfill God the Father's plan of redemption for us.

Jesus did this in obedience to the Father's plan.  He knew why He came to earth. 

He could have come down off the cross at any time.  However, had He done this, He would have thwarted our Father's plan.  We would be unsaved, for there would have been no fulfillment of His plan to redeem anyone.

If Jesus had not been obedient and become the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, we would be headed to hell.  Each and every one of us. 

I suppose I could go on and on about this subject, but it is enough to say, that due to ignorance and false teaching, hatred towards Jews was not just born, but flourished. 

Truly, we need to be thankful that Jesus voluntarily died for the sin of the world, for the sin of all who will believe.  I know, I am. 

How about you?  Are you glad Jesus died for you?  Are you trusting in Jesus? 

Today, is the day of salvation.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.  We're not even guaranteed our next breath.  If you're not trusting in Him, please do so, immediately. 

A minute from now may be too late.  Once you've drawn your last breath, there's no changing eternity.  You'll either go to heaven... or to hell, with no chance of escape.  Where will you go?

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