Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sad, But True...

Sunday, January 15th began in a typical fashion, being my Lord's day.

As per my normal routine, I went to worship at church.  It is truly a blessing to me, to be able to do this.  Like usual, I enjoyed worshipping and honouring God.

After checking on the house, I made my way to visit my co-worker/friend at the rehab centre.  C was just finishing his lunch, when I arrived.

While the timing of my visit was good, it's never easy for C to have visitors.  You see, he still cannot walk, nor stand up by himself.  Although, I must say that on that day, he explained to me that earlier that day, nursing staff strapped him into a unit that allowed him to be able to stand up, without falling.

It obviously made him feel good to be able to stand up, even if it was with assistance.

Originally, he had been seated on the side of his hospital bed.  Growing weary, he wanted to lay back, giving some relief to him.  It's no wonder it wears him out, just doing small things.  Eventually, after much effort, he managed to get both legs up onto his bed.

With his arms on the bedrails, he tried and tried to lift himself up to be in a position where he could raise the head part of the bed, without feeling like he was not properly in position to feel comfy.

Why am I discussing this?  Well, I know I've asked in the past, but I am asking again for you to pray for this friend.  I thank you, for this.  May God bless you, for continued prayer.

Later, I visited Gordon's grave and on the way home, stopped at a funeral home.  An elderly man that I knew from my church's 50+ group died.  My deceased husband knew this gentleman even better than I did, for this fellow used to worship at the church where Gordon worshipped with his family, when he was young.

After picking up a few groceries, I made my way home.  Unloaded, unpacked and ready to relax, I decided to watch a couple of movies.

First, I watched a movie called Sweet Land.  This movie was rather unusual, due to the fact that the lead female role was of a woman who couldn't speak much English, as she was from Germany.  She arrived in USA to marry a man who had been looking for a wife.  This was just after WW1, so German people were not widely accepted. 

Just as the best part of the movie happened, the station had some airing problems.  Oh well, by the time it came back on, the movie was just ending.  lol  At least, I know how it ended!

Afterwards, I watched another movie entitled Griffin and Phoenix.  Although it was truly a love story, it was a rather sad one.  As I got hooked on the film, it came to light that both Griffin and Phoenix had been told, before they met, that they didn't have long to live.

While it was a good movie, it certainly was sad.  It didn't do anything to lift my spirits.  In fact, it made me feel rather sad.

But then, life is sad.  At least, I know it can be.

Yes, death is part of life.  But, those of us left behind, sometimes live lives that become sad, lonely and unfulfilled.

Just the way, I've been feeling, lately.

No one needs to tell me that God has a plan for my life.  I know this.  I trust Him.  And, I know that in His time, He will show me and guide me.

In the meanwhile, there are times when I feel like I'm floundering.  Not really sure where I'm headed.  Unknowning and uncertain of what God would have me do with my life.

I suppose the only important thing about all this, is that I trust Him.  He loves me, even if no one in the world does.

What could be better than that?

Until next time...

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