Saturday, January 14, 2012

More About Coffee Time...

When I left off writing in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I mentioned that I had met with single friends at Tim Hortons coffee shop for our coffee time gathering, on the Friday, January 6th. 

Not everyone who used to attend, was there.  Still, we still had quite a group.  It was wonderful getting together!

One special friend was missing, though. 

The friend I thought had shunned me, due to a difference of Biblical opinion.  In fact, as I found out during the course of the evening; apparently, this person has done the same to everyone else in our group and not just me.

Why this happened, is beyond me.  I don't know what my friend is going through, but I have been praying for them.

While I hadn't planned to ever discuss the issue I thought had been the problem between my friend and I, it is now something I don't mind discussing, because not only is it not the reason my friend no longer has contact with me, but also, it is important to what I will be writing about, in this entry.

One person in our group had discussed with me my situation with regards to our mutual friend, before we met with the other group members/attendees.  I thought the issue was closed.

Not so.

At the coffee time meeting, she brought up the issue.  This began everyone not only commenting about their situations with our mutual friend, but also about what happened between our friend and I.  That's how I realized that the problem I encountered with my friend had not been as I originally thought it was.  I was not alone, in being shunned.

During our round table discussions (maybe I should have said rectangular table discussions!  lol), I had been asked to relate what I thought the problem had originally been between us.  As I have mentioned previously, I thought it was a Biblical issue.  Why?

Well, because my friend had accused me of swearing, in the book I wrote, Love Never Fails You...

When I had been accused of this, I was absolutely blown away.  In response, I had said I had indeed NOT sworn.  But, my friend insisted I had, because this person had been raised to never, ever, in any circumstance ever use/say/write the word hell.

My friend quoted the page numbers to me, quite upset I had done this.  In fact, my friend told me that because of this, they took a pen and scratched out the word where it had been used, continuing on to tell me that they could not loan out the book for anyone to read, nor would they recommend anyone read it.

Why?  Because as I said, my friend had been raised to believe that any use of that word, was swearing.

During our conversation, I admitted that I had indeed used the word in a couple of places, in my book.  But, in both places, the context I had used the word in, was in reference to the place called hell; not in the context of swearing.

My friend had disagreed.  In the end, all I can say is that I apologized to my friend for upsetting them, because it had not been my intention to do so.  Even so, there had been no forgiveness for me, in any way, shape or form.

This truly made me wonder where the love of Christ was, in our relationship.  Even at the time, it made me sad thinking about this.  However, that is not to be discussed here, and now.

In reflection, I will say that this topic was brought up by one of our mutual friends, who was aware of my unusual discussion with our friend.  Yes, there is still more to say, but it will once again have to wait, until tomorrow.

Until next time...

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