Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life and Death...

Today is a day I will always remember.

It should have been a great day.  57 F, my van said, even though weather.com said it was 55 F (about 13 or 14 C).  A bit windy, but overall a beautiful day.  Quite different than anyone would expect for the last day in January.

But, the weather is not why I will always remember this day.

My daughter B, had surgery, today.  B has a heart murmur.  While she takes this fact lightly, I do not.  I recall almost losing her as a child, before the doctor had even told me about her heart problem.  And, surgery can be dangerous to someone with heart problems. 

Oh, well.  God is in control.  I am trusting him, for this and more.  Actually, just a few minutes ago, I received a call from the hospital, letting me know that B is out of surgery, is in recovery and will be shortly ready to leave for home.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

While this was happy relief for me, my friend/real estate partner C was not so fortunate.

As you know, my real estate partner/friend C has been in hospital and rehab for about 11 weeks.  If you were aware of this, you'll also know that he cannot walk, nor even stand up.  He needs help with everything he does.

We have a mutual friend M, who is able to physically help C, especially with transportation.  He allows M to drive his car, since she doesn't have one at the moment.  In return, M transports C to dialysis and other medical appointments.

Last week, C insisted we set up a time to go have lunch at Red Lobster.  He felt that celebrating my birthday by having a meal there, was long overdue, since we were to have done this in November.  So, we arranged that M would bring C, while our friend K and I would meet them there, today.

I must say that although this luncheon was supposed to be a fun time, it was in fact overshadowed with sadness that permeated our time together.  Prior to going, both K and I suggested that maybe it wasn't a good day to meet, that maybe it would be better to put it off for another time.

Why?  Well, C's daughter J, who had been in hospital here in Windsor, and had been transferred to another hospital in London, Ontario, has not recovered.  In fact, her condition has worsened.

Even so, C insisted the group of us friends needed to be together, today.  Possibly, he may have felt he needed to be with friends to help take his mind off the situation; only God knows.

A family meeting (without C, who could not travel to London) with hospital officials was arranged for today.  Just as we were leaving the restaurant, C received a phone call from his other daughter, K. 

She told her dad it was determined that life support would be removed, today.  K promised to call back, once J's life had ended.

This ended our time, together.  C felt like being alone.

I cannot say I blame him.  Having a loved one's life ended, is not a happy occasion.

While others were crying, I tried to hold back my tears.  C spoke about how sad it was when they did this with his wife.  I recalled how it was with Gordon.

Gordon's situation was somewhat different.  Gordon's health was improving, but he had not yet awoken.  The hospital decided they wanted to end his life, before he had the chance to wake up, because they were afraid he might be a vegetable, once is body healed and he woke up.  And, as they told me, once that happened, there would be no chance of ending his life; he would need permanent full-time care.  Even though I was willing to trust God, they weren't. 

So, against my wishes, and while he still was not well enough to survive on his own without support, they unplugged him and ended my husband's life.  This was in October, 2009.

Today, even though I fought back tears, thinking about J, it didn't mean I wasn't sad for C.  I was; very sad.  Truly, it was a case where I just didn't want to add to his grief, for I knew it was all he could do to hold himself together.  After all, it is unnatural to have a child die before its parents.

We prayed, once again.  K said her goodbyes.  M and I took C to his car.  After C used the board to transfer himself from the chair to the car seat, M placed his wheelchair in the trunk. 

Before leaving, M gave me copies of her wedding photos.  She did this, not just because we are friends, but also because I sang at her wedding, last year.  We hugged as I thanked her for the photos and for helping C.

Then, I went and thanked C, hugging him once more before we parted, knowing that the next time I spoke with C, his daughter will have passed from this life.

Some people just don't get it.  Life is short.  Shorter than what most people think.  And, sometimes people think they have lots of time to come to Christ.  For some, it is not a priority.  The truth is, it is a priority that everyone needs to address and address, now.

So, if you are not yet trusting in Jesus, for your salvation, do it today.  You may not have tomorrow... or, even your next breath.

Until next time...

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