Friday, January 6, 2012


As I mentioned in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, after watching on television, the ball drop in Times' Square, New York City, I placed a roast with seasonings, etc., into my slow cooker and went to bed.

When I awoke early in the morning, the roast smelled great!  Because it was done, I removed it from the slow cooker, wrapping it in foil to keep it until, later.  By the time I left to go worship, the gravy was wonderfully made, too!

While Sunday morning was the first Sonday of the month, we did not celebrate communion at church.  This coming Sonday, I am sure we will.  Even so, it was nice to worship my Lord!

After church, I went to the rehab centre where my co-worker/friend C is still a patient at.  We had a nice, but short visit.  Just long enough to wish him and some of his cronies a very Happy New Year!

Believe it or not, I made my way to the cemetary, where I visited Gordon's grave.

You might be wondering why I would say believe it or not.  Well, if you were aware I was having company for dinner about 4:00 p.m. to celebrate the new year, you'd probably laugh at me making all those side trips!

On my way home, I realized that even though I don't drink milk and don't regularly have it in my fridge, I needed it, this day.  After all, my granddaughter drinks it, and some of my other grandchildren might want some, even if I did make sure I had soda pop on hand for them and their parents.

Yup!  For the first time in many, many, many, years, I was having both my daughters (at the same time!) and their families, as guests for dinner!

After making all those stops, I finally arrived home at my apartment building.  Unloading the van, I took all the items up to the party room.

Be still my heart!  It was supposed to be open and unlocked for me!  But, it wasn't.  Unlocked, I mean.

My first thought was GREAT!!!  Now, what was I to do?  My second thought was there is no way I can seat all my family members in my apartment!

Quickly, I realized that a board member lives nearby.  Off I went, knocking on their door.  I was told they would go to the office, get the key and unlock the room for me.

Yes, the room had been used the evening before for a New Year's Eve party, but I had booked the use of the room for the Sunday afternoon, so I could have all my family join me for dinner.  Whoever finished cleaning up after the party, must have locked it, without thinking.

Okay; off I went to go park my van in my normal parking space.  Then, I went upstairs, hung up my coat and carried some items down to the party room. 

Thank You, Lord!  The door was unlocked and the items I had left outside the door, were placed inside, for me!  GREAT!!!

Once I unloaded all the items I carried into the room, I placed those that needed to be refrigerated, into the fridge.  Then, back upstairs I went!

Wait until you hear what I needed to do!  Please hang in there; see you, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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