Wednesday, January 25, 2012


In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about being burdened by devastating happenings that were bringing me down, for a time.  If you read yesterday's LwL entry, you'll know that I also mentioned that God restored me; He restored my spirit.

Before I enter into how this occurred, I must say that once again, God used music to forewarn me.

I know.  That remark sounds weird.  However, before Strike one (1) happened, I had been once again waking up with a song on my heart and in my mind:  Sad Eyes, by Robert John.  Here's a Youtube link:

Now, I am not saying that the whole song has total referential meaning to my life.  Certainly, it doesn't.  After all, the song was meant to be in reference to an illicet affair; something I am not involved in.

However, there is one portion of the song that seemed to resonate in my mind.  This lyrical part goes like this:  Sad Eyes, turn the other way, I don't want to see you cry.

Imagine waking up with that part of the song on your heart and mind.

It happened to me in the past; just before something upsetting occurred, previously.  Then, just prior this recent devastation, it happened, again.  I awoke day after day, with the same lyrical part of the song on my heart and mind.  At least, it happened morning after morning, until the devastating situation reared its ugly head.

This time, when this occurred, instead of praying and asking God why He placed that song and the lyrics on my heart and mind, I was convinced that something negative in my life was about to happen.  And, this thought proved to be correct, as I discussed in yesterday's LwL entry.

Enough of that, for now.  Back to how God lifted me up and encouraged me, restoring my spirit.

This past Sunday, as per usual for me, I awoke fully prepared to go worship God, as I do every Lord's day.  This day, was different, though. 

Instead of relaxing until it was time to go worship with my church family at the normal time, God put it on my heart to go worship at another church, whose service began at 9:00 a.m., well before my own church's service time of 11:00 a.m.

Well, there is more to be said, but I cannot finish it, here and now.  Please join me tomorrow.

Until next time...

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