Tuesday, January 17, 2012


If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that even though I was originally happy about participating in a progressive dinner evening, for those who live on my floor in our apartment building, I had begun to wonder if I would be out-of-place being a single, and not part of a couple.

In any case, I prepared a cheese tray to contribute to the appetizers we were to enjoy at T and K's home.

Then, I dressed for the occasion, choosing to wear a pair of black slacks with a dressy-style black sweater with multi-coloured accents.  To help myself feel better about being alone, I made sure I wore the last gift I received from my now deceased husband, Gordon.  A pin, that I find I wear more often than not, when I feel alone.

Off I went, down the hall to T and K's.  T had their door open, awaiting all guests' arrival.

Upon entering their apartment, T let me know that K had begun feeling ill that afternoon and was not able to participate.  She was in bed, hoping to feel better, after some rest.  T let all who arrived know that B and S who were hosting the main course portion of our progressive dinner, suggested we go there, as they would host the appetizer portion, as well.

Off we went, to B and S's.

This is where I found that V's other half M, was in hospital and would not be joining us.  Knowing V mainly from the pool, I let her know I felt badly and would pray for M.

N, my neighbour across the hall, who is also a widow, joined us.  We had met a couple of times, but we had never before spent any amount of time, together.

T, whose wife K had become ill, joined us.  We found out that K wasn't the only person too ill to participate. 

Another couple, S & B, who were new to the floor, were both ill with respiratory problems, like K.  They were the couple who intended to host the dessert portion of our meal.

Once we knew this, S & B decided that since we were all there in their apartment already, we should just stay there and have dessert, too! 

Of course, the couple who have just moved into the unit next door to me, joined us for dinner.  While I had previously ran into N and introduced myself, at the elevators, I had yet to meet L. 

L and I hit it off, right away.  We talked and talked, sipping on our glasses of red wine. 

Yes, don't have heart failure.  As you know, I am not much of a drinker.  In fact, I really don't drink, except for the occasional celebration, like a fancy Christmas dinner or a wedding, or somewhere where a toast is given.  Other than that, I don't drink.  At all.  Ever.
But, on this evening, rather than be the only person not enjoying a glass of wine, I decided to participate with the others.  Especially since they were all teasing me, about not needing to drive home.  So, I joined them.

All in all, there were eight (8) of us.  After chatting, enjoying our wine and appetizers, we all sat down together at the table that S had lovingly set for us.

Oops, there's so much to say, that I can't finish today, so please meet me, tomorrow.  However, I would appreciate prayer for all who are ill and need it!  Thank you.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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