Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coffee Time!

This last week has been a busy time for me, even though business isn't the best, at this time.

Even so, I'm sure you don't really want or need to hear about how I shopped til I dropped, worked at my real estate business, and/or how I began tackling jobs around my home that I had been putting off.

On Friday, I spent the evening at Tim Horton's coffee shop, with some of my friends from our previous Christian Singles' Cafe (CSC)group.  This was truly a blessing to me, because since our group was formally cancelled by my friend who used to head it up, I thought it was no longer in existence.

Well, I need to clarify this.  If I remember correctly, it was September when I received an e-mail that the group was formally disbanded.  Since this was what I had been told, I thought there was no meeting for October.  As a result, I did not go to Timmy's.

After the meeting date of the first Friday of the month, in October, I heard from a friend that the group had indeed met.  Hmmm... this was confusing only for a short time, until I found out that not everyone realized the group had formally been done away with.

My plan was to attend on the first Friday of November.

Why this happened, I do not know, but I was really shocked to realize that on the first Friday of November, I sat at home, bored to tears.  On Facebook (FB), I even commented about being at home and bored on that evening, with no one to be with, nothing to do and no where to go.

Ha ha ha!  That's how I felt until about 10:30 p.m. that evening.  That's when I realized it had been coffee time with my friends and I had virtually missed it.  After all, by the time I got ready and went to meet up with them, they would have been breaking up and heading home!

Boy, was I upset with myself! 

At first I thought that I would make sure I would attend in December.  Then, I realized there was no way I could attend December's meeting at Timmy's, because that was the evening of my real estate board gala.  Knowing I didn't want to miss the gala, being a once a year celebration, I let my friends know I would not be joining them for coffee, that first Friday in December.

That meant that this past Friday, January 6th, 2012 was not only the first coffee group meeting for 2012, but was my first meeting since the CSC meetings ended! 

It also meant that it was my first meeting with our new group.  Since I'm not even aware of our group's new name, I suppose I'll just refer to it as my coffee group!

Even though I cannot tell you more about my coffee group meeting, at this time, I will promise to tell you more, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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