Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coffee Time & Reading...

If you've not yet read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I would suggest you do so.  It would be much simpler than for me to try and recap in a nutshell about what I wrote about.  Thank you.

When I left off, one of my coffee group friends had brought up the issue of our mutual friend who had shunned not only me, but indeed every single person who met that evening.  Here, I had thought it was just me, because they thought I had sworn in my book, Love Never Fails You... by using the word hell in two (2) places.

During my friend's and my discussion, I even asked if they never had anyone preach on hell, at their church.  My friend was upset with me, even for bringing this up.  It was not surprising to me, that I thought this was the reason I was being shunned, since I had had not received forgiveness from them, even after apologizing for upsetting them.

In any case, one person in our coffee group asked if I had a copy of my book, with me.  I replied that I had one in my van.  It had been suggested I bring my copy into the coffee shop and read a little to the group.  I did this.  Wow, I thought!  This is a first (1st)!  Never before had I been asked to read part of my book, to anyone!

First, I read the chapter about my husband's funeral.  One woman in our group, had tears running down her face, as I read.  Even so, I was asked to read more.  Then, someone suggested I read one place where I wrote about hell.  So, I did!

The chapter I read was about Gordon and my honeymoon.

As I read, there were moans, groans and chuckling as I related how ill I was on our honeymoon and how loving and supportive Gordon was of me.  These emotions carried on, as I read about some of the dilemmas we faced, even on this trip that was one we would always remember.

Then, I reached the part about how on our honeymoon cruise, we visited Grand Cayman Island.  And, how we took a day trip local tour to a place on the island, called Hell.  Google it for yourself, or click on this link to read more about Hell, Grand Cayman Island:,_Grand_Cayman

The village of Hell, sort of resembled how one might think hell would look like.  They even had a post office there, where you could send mail with the postal cancellation stamp from hell.

As I read what I had written about this, my coffee group friends began to chuckle.  When I read the part where I mentioned that I wondered if Gordon and I could say we had been to hell and back, they roared aloud!

At first, I thought it was because of what I had written and read to them.  In essence, it was; but, there was more.

There was a few who commented about how sorry they were that our missing mutual friend didn't get the joke.  I must say, I felt some relief, thinking that the majority of people who read this for themselves might do the same thing.  Have a chuckle, I mean.

Please realize that none of this conversation was done in a manner that would be considered gossip, nor was it demeaning in any way.  In fact, the whole purpose of discussing our mutual friend and how we were all shunned, was more of information, and support for me, who thought I had been the only person treated this way. 

Even though I had not been the person to bring up the subject, I was glad one of my friends had.  It reassured me that I had done nothing wrong, in the hurtful and hateful discussion that had taken place with our mutual friend.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I would not have sworn in my book.  Not intentionally, for sure!  However, I was glad to see that other people saw my real intention, when they heard what I had written.  Thank You, Lord!  I truly needed that support at that time.

After I finished reading the chapter that referred to hell, and after our discussion about it, we went on to enjoy the rest of our time, together.

Still, I must say that we all felt it was a tragic circumstance that one person who had been our friend, had shunned each of us, for no apparent reason.  Truly, I find this sad.  Especially, for someone who is Christian.  No, I won't say more.  But, just think about it, for a while.  I'm sure God will reveal why, to you...

We prayed for our friend... as well as for others who needed prayer.  If you would like to pray, feel free to do so.  Any/all prayer is always appreciated!

Believe it or not, it was after midnight, when I arrived home!  The latest I had ever stayed out with this group.  This was definitely a first (1st) for me!

Until next time...