Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Turn Off?

Before I begin today's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I would like to take the time to thank all who prayed for my daughter P, who had a bone marrow biopsy, today.  Continued prayer would be appreciated, as it will take some time before she receives the results from the specialist.  Thank you.  May God bless each and every one of you, friends.

If I sounded upset in yesterday's entry, please forgive me.  I wasn't.  Although, it may have sounded that way, because I was speaking truth that sounded fairly negative.

Sometimes truth isn't what everyone hopes to hear.  But, truth is truth.

There is something I must clarify. 

First, I must say that I may not have made it clear that beauty is not just outward appearance.  True beauty comes from within.

In addition to this, I must add that not everyone I chat with on Facebook (FB) is a scammer.  Many of my FB friends have become real life friends, as well.

However, as I mentioned yesterday, not everyone on FB or indeed who use the internet to interact with people, are on the level.  I've experienced a few circumstances that would turn anyone off.

A while ago, I had been chatting with a fellow who claimed he'd like to chat with me on a regular basis.  Not seeing anything wrong with this, I chatted with him.

At first, our chatting involved just surface Christian discussions.  I was happy with this.  Then, he began telling me that he was falling for me.  How could this be, I thought?  And, said to him.  Then, he asked if he could meet with me. 

Knowing that I recently met with a FB friend from Germany and her husband, I let this fellow know I would think about it.  After repeated requests, I let him know that if indeed I made a decision to meet with him, I certainly wouldn't come alone; I'd bring a friend.

Then, after much prayer, the truth began to reveal itself.  I was appalled when a suggestion was made for me to participate in something that wasn't quite on the level.  He claimed it wasn't illegal; I didn't agree.  In any case, I refused any further contact with this person.

This morning I found a message in my FB messages inbox from someone who claims to be a pastor in Malaysia.

Normally, I chatted and prayed with people such as him on a fairly regular basis.  Most have become people I pray for, regularly.  This pastor was different, though.

I began feeling pressured by this man.  Last week, he began pressuring me to give him a mobile (cell) number, where he could call me, for the purpose of praying together and working together for his ministry.

Never, had I ever given this person the impression I would do anything like that.  And, I let him know that I don't give out my personal info to people on FB.  In addition, I let him know that I would pray for his ministry, but I could not and would not commit to only working with him for his ministry.  Why?  As I told him, I am approached by literally hundreds of people who are doing work for our Lord, who needs help.

In any case, I felt like this pastor was trying to manipulate me, by things he said in his messages.  Believe me, this didn't sit well with me.  I refuse to be bullied, manipulated or whatever anyone would want to call it, by anyone; never mind someone who claims to be a pastor!

Besides, who is to say this person is on the level? 

Well, there is more I must say on this issue, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Hopefully, you'll meet with me, then.

Until next time...

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