Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Thorn Among Roses?

When I left off in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I had arrived at my real estate board Gala.

Since I neglected to mention this earlier, I dropped by to see my real estate partner just prior to going to the legal office and my broker's office.  As you know, if you've been reading LwL, C had a stroke that has affected his hearing, his balance and he is unable to walk or stand as a result.

On Monday, this past week, C was transferred to Malden Park, for rehabilitation.  He appears to be doing well, but I would like to ask for continued prayer for him.  Thank you.  May God bless you for this.

As I mentioned previously, eventually I got to the Ciociaro Club, where our board Gala was being held. 

I must say, it truly turns my stomach that this Gala is no longer called our Christmas Dinner and Dance.  I find it sickening that the message from our board president didn't say Merry Christmas, but rather, Happy Holidays.  But then, this is a discussion for another time.

Being the first to arrive, I selected my seat at my assigned table. 

In years past, we had a group of friends who normally shared a table, but with changes in life and in the business, it didn't happen that way, for the first time in years.  Even so, I knew half of the people scheduled to be seated with me.

As in the past, one of the broker's offices had sponsored tables of appetizers, plus a wine table.  Believe it or not, I actually had some wine.  Red, actually!  Hopefully, you didn't faint when you read this, because I normally do not drink alcoholic beverages, except for special occasions.

By the time dinner was being served, everyone had arrived.  All at my table were couples.  I was the only single person.  Beside me, was one vacant seat.  What a lovely reminder that I am living a new life, now.  :(

Yes, I must admit it.  I felt rather sad, for a few moments, so I put on a smile, and changed my thinking, to one of gratefulness, instead.

Since a silent auction was taking place, as a fund-raiser, many people milled around before and after our meal.  Needing to stretch, I found myself doing the same thing.  My journey around the room was filled with not just looking at the auction items, but greeting friends and acquaintances along the way.

After the draws took place, I decided to leave.  After all, with music playing and people dancing, I found myself alone at my table.  The prospect of spending the evening alone, while others partied, did not thrill me, so I left.

On my way home, I found myself close to what used to be the Airforce Club; I believe it is now used as a legion, but I truly cannot recall. 

In any case, my trainer friend M and her husband M were to be spending the evening there, because their favourite band was playing, so I decided to drop in and surprise them.

I was surprised, when I entered the main hall and a voice called out my name.  It was a friend of a friend, P.  She hugged me and welcomed me, letting me know that she and her husband usually hang out there on Friday and Saturday evenings.

After introducing P to my friends M & M (sweet thought, isn't it?! - pun intended!), P returned to where she had been seated at the bar, with her husband.  I settled in to visit with my friends.

M couldn't stop complimenting me over how I looked.  Mmmm... where had I heard this, before?  Oh yes, my co-worker/friend C who is at rehab told me that I looked great and also told me that my neighbour friend K had told him that I looked hot.  I thanked M for the compliments.

We chatted and enjoyed each other's company, until her husband decided he wanted to dance.  Up they got, making the dance floor their own.  What a beautiful couple they make.  I must say, they dance like they were made for each other!

Then, a thought occurred to me.  Here I was in the same situation as I had been at my real estate party.  Alone.

A few songs later, they returned to our table.  I said my goodbyes and left, heading home.  Yup.  I felt rather sad, once again feeling like I'll never have love or happiness in my life.  I felt like I was a thorn among beautiful roses.

God is good to me, though.  He reminded me that my Lord is now my husband.  He takes care of all my needs.

Until next time...

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