Friday, December 2, 2011

Perfect Timing!

Hopefully, you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry.  In it, I discussed the fact that I stand, in the power of Christ.

I'm so very grateful that my Lord drew me close to Him.  That He saved me.  That He loves me.  That I truly have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Where would I be without Him.

I count on Him for everything in my life.  I know that unless God ordains it, I can't even take my next breath, never mind do anything within my own power.

With all the trials I have suffered thus far in my lifetime, I have come to realize that in and of myself, I can do nothing. 

I realize that I am not important to anyone, but my Lord.  He provides for me, all I need.

Now, I didn't say all I want.  God promised to provide for all our needs, but not necessarily all our greed.

Well, today was a very busy day for me.

After doing my pool exercise at the YMCA/YWCA (Y), and shortly afterwards completing my workout at my friend M's gym, I made my way home to work on my Christmas cards and gifts.  After all, I am rather behind schedule this year and still have much to do, both for work related cards and gifts, plus friends and family.

Then, I got a call from my daughter who has been having trouble with her car again.  It seems someone is tampering with it.  Recently, she went to use her car one morning and found it unlocked and her hood open.  Another time, her vehicle was keyed (scratched along the whole side of her car).  There's even been more serious issues, but I won't go into it, here.

Today, she had things to do, including seeing her physician.  Instead of driving, she walked with one of her sons (my grandson). 

This might sound okay to you, but it didn't to me.  After all, she is my daughter who is Rheumatoid Arthritic, has Lupus and is battling fatigue and low red blood cells, requiring blood transfusions.  In my opinion, she shouldn't be overdoing things.

So, I left home earlier than planned this afternoon.  I had to go to the west side of town anyway, so I picked her and my grandson up, along the way, saving them from walking a lengthy distance home, again.

Making some deliveries for Christmas, and a few other things, I made my way back across town to a lawyer's office and then to my broker's office.  Truly, I felt like I was running in circles, today!

But, God's timing is always perfect.  He provided for me, in every way.  For this, I am grateful.  Thank You, Lord!

Eventually, I made it to my real estate board Gala.  The one we no longer call our Christmas dinner/dance.  But, it will have to wait until tomorrow, for me to tell you about the evening!

Until next time...

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