Friday, December 16, 2011

One Bethlehem Night! & Isn't It Amazing?

Last Sunday, being my Lord's day, I went to worship.  While this is not abnormal for me, what was different, was where and how often I worshipped!

As prearranged, I drove to my mortgage broker friend M's home, arriving there, about 8:30 a.m.  While her husband and son drove in their van, she joined me in mine.

They worship at Heritage Park Alliance Church (HPAC), on Sixth (6th) Concession.  The new church building was opened a few months ago and although I knew of the new complex, I hadn't yet seen it.

Previously, HPA had been located on the old Hwy. #3, in the area where homes and other buildings had been purchased by our Ontario Government, in order to tear down and make way for the new bridge access road. 

Actually, within the last few weeks, all those homes and some of the other buildings have been torn down.  It's like a desolate area, now.  Almost unrecognizable!

Years ago, at their old location, my daughter B had worshipped there for a while, but I had not ever worshipped there, before. 

The worship service began at 9:00 a.m.  It was a very nice service, with a Christmas theme, of course!  I enjoyed being there with my friend and her family, worshipping our Lord!

Afterwards, I headed out on my own, while my friend M left with her family.

On my way to the town of Essex, I had to pass by the cemetary, so I stopped there and visited Gordon's grave.  I'm sure this isn't a surprise to any of you, who read Life with Lynnie (LwL), regularly.

Arriving in Essex at Grace Baptist Church (GBC), I found I was in time to worship, once again.  This time in a communion service.  Wow!  What a blessing it was, for me.  I love participating in the Lord's supper!

After a short visit with the pastor, clients and friends, I made my way home.

In the afternoon, my phone rang a couple of times.  Both calls were shocking in nature.

My church sister/friend A called, to let me know that we needed to pray together, for another church sister, L.  L had experienced severe pain in the stomach area, had gone for ultrasound and other tests. 

The results showed she had an aggressive form of cancer.  L is now hospitalized.  We prayed.  I continue to pray.  And, I am asking you to pray for L and her family, if you believe in prayer.  Thank you.  May God bless you...

The second (2nd) phone call was from my daughter, B.

She has recently begun worshipping at Parkwood Gospel Temple (PGT).  B let me know that the Christmas musical/play at PGT, was wonderful.  She truly enjoyed it.

In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she invited me to join her, a friend, and her eldest son (my grandson!) for the last performance, that evening!

My original plan for the evening was to go worship at my church and later, visit with my co-worker/friend C at the rehab centre.  But, plans change sometimes, as did mine, for that evening.

Instead, I visited C about suppertime.  Then, I made my way to PGT.

My daughter B, grandson T, plus B's friend S and I sat together for the evening performance of One Bethlehem Night.  It was a wonderful production.  If there was anyone who didn't enjoy it, I'm not sure where they were, for it seemed everyone did!

I was grateful that the pastor not only gave a gospel message, immediately after the musical/play finished.  And, an altar call was made, so that if any wanted to come to Christ, they could be prayed for and information given them.

As we left the auditorium (as they call it), but yet while still in the sanctuary, I asked my grandson T if he had accepted Christ, yet; he replied that he had.  Then, I did the same with B's friend S; he replied that he had.

For this, I praised God and thanked Jesus that these two (2) souls were no longer lost souls!  I prayed that their conversions were real and true, and that God would use them in a mighty way.

On my way out, a woman about B's age approached me, asking me if I remembered her.  She commented that she used to get into all sorts of trouble with my daughter, B!  I said, M... is this you?  She introduced me to a male who accompanied her, R and hugged me, tighter than I can recall being hugged, in such a long time!

M was so-o happy to have been reacquainted with me and of course, especially with B!

Isn't it just so-o amazing how God works?!

Until next time...

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