Sunday, December 18, 2011

More About Christmas Memories...

When we left off in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, my grandsons were enjoying blowing bubbles into their hot chocolate at Tim Horton's, while warming up at their coffee shop in Amherstburg.

Yup, they were revved up and raring to go, by the time we left there!  lol :-))

Off we went, looking at some of the buildings and area we saw in photos at the Black Historical Museum, earlier.  Eventually, we arrived at the Gingerbread House, which is part of the celebration of Riverlights

Together, we checked out all the gingerbread houses that had been made and submitted into the contest.   While all were really great, it seemed we all had our favourites! 

My three (3) youngest grandsons sat down at a table where they did craftwork, making reindeer ornaments.  Each left with a bag to take home, containing craft and colouring supplies, plus suckers.  Hmmm... more sugar!!

After enjoying cookies there, we once again climbed into my van and did more looking around the park at all the lighted displays.  Again, we all had our favourites!  Some liked Santa and his sleigh, some Santa fishing, and other displays, but my favourite was still the display of fireworks.

Sorry, I would have posted pics, but silly me; I forgot my camera!

While at the park area, I explained to my grandsons that because Grandpa Gordon's family had history in the area, we used to visit that same park, when their moms were children.  Usually, in the summer, for a picnic.

We passed by the gymnasium for the high school, across the street from Fort Malden (link: ).  I pointed out how Grandpa Gordon's great-grandfather had built a house that had to be moved from the area, when the gymnasium addition was built. 

Originally, the family home had been within the grounds of Fort Malden, so it was a heritage home, not worthy of demolition.  For preservation, it had been moved from it's birthplace location, to a new location along the old Hwy. #18, Front Road location, which I showed them as we passed by.

On the way home, we made another stop.  We stopped in front of a home on Kenwood Dr., LaSalle, ON, where the omeowners display not just lights, but the lighting display is co-ordinated to music, that you turn on your radio.  Here's a link:

My grandsons all enjoyed their time, as I did, along with them!  Thank You, Lord, for blessing them... and me!

Until next time...

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