Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jesus' Birthday Celebration...

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll remember that I not only wrote about my daughter P's birthday celebration, but also about a couple of very special visitors who dropped by, bearing gifts for the boys.  Santa & Mrs. Claus!

Some Christians are okay with me supporting Santa, his family and crew of elves.  Others disagree with anyone promoting him, at all.

Well, for me, I can understand both positions.  After all, as Christians, we celebrate Christmas, not because of Santa, for Christmas really is celebrated, because of the birth of Christ, our Saviour.

Even so, I am not against the idea of Santa. 

Why?  Well, Santa is what we call the jolly, old man who comes bearing gifts, here in Canada and USA. 

In Europe and some other areas of the world, he is known as Father Christmas and/or Saint Nicholas, or St. Nick.  Here is a link to the Wikipedia site that tells of Saint Nicholas:  If you have trouble opening links, or want to investigate for yourself, feel free to google it, or search the internet, yourself.

The fact is, that St. Nick was at one time, a real person, a Christian, who gave gifts to people.  While he is no longer alive, the tradition he began, continues.

While I agree that Christmas is not about St. Nick and that in today's mainly secular society, Christmas is being misrepresented by Santa, instead of by Christ, I do believe it is okay to celebrate Christmas and the birth of my Saviour, along with Santa.

When my children were young, I taught them about Santa.  In some people's eyes this was wrong.

However, I always felt that encouraging my children to show love at Christmas time, by the giving and receiving of gifts was a loving thing to do.  Especially, when I explained to them the real reason we celebrate Christmas!

While December 25th is not the actual birth date of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, it is the day we Christians celebrate the coming to earth of our Lord.

Just as we celebrate birthdays of our family members, with special times of fellowship, food, fun and gifts, I believe there is no reason why we shouldn't do the same, for Jesus' birthday.

So, as I raised my children, they learned the real meaning of Christmas, honouring our Lord and Saviour, thanking God for sending His Son to earth, to fulfill His plan of redemption for us, while celebrating an annual birthday party of sorts, with Santa/St. Nick joining into the celebration.

I know.  Not everyone will agree.  Oh well.  It seems no one can keep everyone happy, all the time.

In any case, when we celebrate this weekend, the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ as an infant, we'll be having our own birthday party, in His honour.  Yes, with presents, food, fun, fellowship, love for one another and with love, honouring the person who is the reason for the special day... Jesus!

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