Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday! & Goodbye 2011...

Once again, before I begin this entry, I must wish someone Happy Birthday!  My dear grandson S, Happy Birthday!

2011 has been quite a year, for me! 

If you've been a long-time reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that I have written about this in the past.  Ever since being totally devastated, dealing with my husband Gordon's illness, suffering and death, I've prayed that God would not just restore my life, but would reveal truth, to me.  Truth, regarding relationships.

God answered my prayer.

This year, much like last year, and even in 2009, the year my husband Gordon died, there was a lot of sadness for me.  It is never easy realizing that people you love and care for, not only don't feel the same way, but elect to push you out of their lives.

My great-grandmother, Roseanne Getty Dunn was shunned.  During my genealogy research, I found out that she had been shunned by family and friends, because she married my great-grandfather, George Dunn.  I had been told that she had been shunned, because she married beneath herself.  On-line genealogy friends told me it was more likely that she was shunned, because she had married someone who was not of the same religious denomination.  She survived. 

This year, I was shunned by people, too. 

One person, a relative who I have met only three (3) or four (4) times in my whole life, who is not Christian, recently shunned me, because they didn't like what they were told my book was about.  They said this in an e-mail, admitting that they had not read my book, for themself.  Of course, being not only not Christian, but someone who doesn't believe God exists at all, this is not surprising.

What was surprising, was being shunned by two (2) Christian people.  No; I cannot call them friends.  I thought they were friends, but I came to the realization that they indeed, were not.  One being a childhood friend and one being someone I have known for many a year.  Why?  It seems they don't basically agree with me, on some Biblical issues.

It's a pity, really.  For the loss truly isn't mine; it's theirs.  I have much love to give to others, but it seems some people don't want it.  As I said, it's their loss.

In addition to the sadness I've experienced this year, there has been a lot of joy, and happiness, also.

I'm grateful that God has been restoring some relationships in my life.  Relationships, that I didn't think would ever be restored.  But then, nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37).  Thank You, Lord!  You have blessed me, beyond belief.  I am truly grateful...

The other day, a Facebook (FB) friend of mine posted something that I found to be such a blessing.  The reason?  Well, even though I realize Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Church of England (Anglican Church), I cannot recall her speaking about my Lord and Saviour, in such an open manner, as she did, recently.

Here is a link to Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas broadcast 2011:

In it, not only does the Queen speak of Jesus and Christmas, but she also speaks of forgiveness being part of the Christmas message.

Well, it was a shocker to me to hear this from the Queen.  Even so, I was grateful to have heard her speak of this, because after salvation, forgiveness is the next most important thing in life.  At least, in my mind, it is.

After all, when Jesus died on the cross for my sin and for the sin of all who would believe, He forgave those who hurt Him, and asked God the Father, to do the same.

We need to follow suit.  As followers of Jesus, we need to be forgiving of others. 

I know I am.  Forgiving of others, I mean.  So, please know that if there is anyone out there who has hurt me in any way, I have forgiven you.

Still, as I walk through this lonely, dark and dying world, I reflect and ask myself regularly:  Where is the Love

In reality, I know where the love is.  It's not here on earth.  It's in heaven.  It's Jesus, who loves me with an everlasting love.

Am I glad 2011 is almost over?  Yes.  Absolutely.

A FB pastor friend of mine, has been such a blessing to me.  He's been encouraging and supportive of me, as a widow.  He's been a great friend, who has helped me realize that I need to try to put the past in the past, and leave it, there.

I need to move forward with my life.  So, as 2012 approaches, I am looking to make every effort, taking steps to change my life.  As God leads me.

Friends, I wish you a very Happy New Year!  I pray God will bless each of you, with good health, happiness, prosperity and love, throughout 2012!

Until next time...

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