Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve Blessings...

This past Saturday was December 24th, Christmas Eve.

As I normally do, Monday through Saturday, I went to the YMCA/YWCA (Y) at opening time.  After my workout in the pool, I stopped to pick up a couple of items I needed at a store close to home.

Of course, there is always last minute things to do at Christmas.  This Christmas Eve was no different.

Later, I had to drive east to Russell Woods area, then later west to Windsor's far west side, to take my real estate partner C's paycheque to him.  After all, he is confined to a bed and/or wheelchair, due to having a stroke.

Afterwards, I went to my daughter P's home. 

P, her family and I had a nice visit, together.  It's always heartwarming to be with family, especially on special occasions, like Christmas!

We shared some food, fun, fellowship and time opening Christmas gifts.

If I could have remembered to bring my camera with me, I would have pics available on this entry for you to see.  The trouble was, I forgot my camera. 

P told me not to worry, because she would send me pics she took with her camera/cell phone.  Unfortunately, she's been so busy, and with not feeling the best, she hasn't yet done this.  If things change, I'll make sure to post a pic or two (2) for you to see.

Please remember to pray for P.  As you know, she hasn't been well.  I thank you, for prayer!  May God bless you...

In the evening, God truly blessed me.

For the first (1st) time in years, P came to Christmas Eve service with me; her son Z, my grandson was with us, as well!  Normally, it was only Gordon and I, who worshipped at our Christmas Eve church service; then, after he died, it was me, alone.

Thank you, Lord.  This was the best gift I could have received from P, this Christmas!

My heart nearly burst with gratitude.  Silently, I thanked God, over and over, and over, again.  I praised Him for not just blessing me, but also my family, who worshipped with me.

Of course, Jesus is the greatest gift anyone could receive.  Ever.  Anywhere.  Any time.

Thank You, Lord, for coming to earth as a baby, knowing full well that You would be fulfilling God the Father's plan of redemption, after becoming an adult.

I must admit, this was the best Christmas Eve I've had, since becoming widowed.  Thank You, Lord!

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Saviour, I pray you will do so, now.  Today, is the day of salvation!

Until next time...

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