Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day Blessings...

Awaking alone on Christmas morning, is very different than when my husband was alive.  There was no celebration to enjoy with him.  It was just me, alone.

Being Sonday, I went to worship at my church, as I normally do.  I'm so very grateful that my church is not one who cancels Sunday worship services, because it is Christmas.  After all, worshipping our Lord, is the most important thing we can do in this dark and dying world.

Truly, I pity those who worship with groups who cancelled Christmas Day church services.  Why?  Well, to me, that's like  putting people ahead of our Lord.  Making family celebrations more important than worshipping God.  Especially, on Jesus' birthday!

After worshipping God and celebrating my Lord Jesus Christ's birthday, at church, I dropped by to see my co-worker/friend C, at Malden Park.  He had been taken home by a patient transport company on Christmas Eve.  Unfortunately, in the middle of the night, he was brought back to his room at the rehabilitation centre, because his home was not properly set up for him to be able to function. 

Before I left, we prayed, together.  Thank you to all who have been praying for C.  May God bless you for continued prayer...

I made my way to the cemetary and visited Gordon's grave, like I do most Sunday's, after church.  Of course, with Christmas being a special day, I thought I would see many people visiting graves, but I didn't.  Like normal, I stood there alone, crying and talking to God and Gordon.

Truly, I do not know how to rebuild my life.  But, God does, so I'm trusting Him to do this for me. 

Later, I went to my daughter B's home.  With her family, her boyfriend, and another friend, we enjoyed a time of fun, food and fellowship.  Of course, we opened gifts, together.  Thank you B, for including me.

Yes!  I remembered my camera.  Believe it, or not!  Here is a pic:

From left to right is my granddaughter A held by her brother T,
my grandson N, daughter B, her boyfriend S, S's friend D and
beside B is my grandson J. 
Unfortunately, my grandson A was not in this pic. 

This year was truly a Merry Christmas, for me.  Thank You, Lord!  Thank You, for blessing me beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Friends, I pray that your Christmas was filled with blessings and memories that will last your lifetime. 

Mostly, I pray that our Lord, Jesus Christ, who came to earth as a baby, and who grew to be a man who suffered on a cross for my sin, your sin and the sin of all who would believe, is your Saviour.  If you are not yet trusting in Jesus for your salvation, please do so, today. 

Your eternal future depends upon it.

Until next time...

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