Friday, December 23, 2011

Christian Displays: a Celebration of Jesus & the Gospel!

Last Friday evening, when I took some of my grandsons to Amherstburg and LaSalle areas, I mentioned how sorry I was that I had no pics, because I had forgotten to take my camera.

Well, I must admit, that the reason I was sad I forgot my camera was not because I didn't get to take pics of the Christmas light displays, or the Gingerbread House, etc.  The real reason I was sorry I hadn't brought my camera, is because it's always nice to have a momento of memories in the making.

Like the memories we made, together.  My grandsons and I.

Okay, I probably would have posted a pic or two, but I must say that all the displays we saw were secular.  None were of the true meaning of Christmas.  Jesus.

However, since I drive early in the morning to the YMCA/YWCA (Y) about 6:00 a.m. or just after, each day, I decided to bring my camera with me to show you that there are those who still believe it is good to have light displays and/or nativity scenes, honouring our Lord, Jesus Christ's birth.

Actually, I took pics at various times of day, as I was either on my way to or heading home from, the Y.  All were on Riverside Dr. E., here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

I hope you enjoy this Nativity Scene:

At this next home, I took several pics.  It was difficult to see the lights in the daytime pic, but I thought I'd post it, anyway.  Please forgive me for not being a better photographer.

I'm sure you'll agree that the daytime pic doesn't do this scene justice.  So, I am also posting a pic I took before sunrise another morning.

Even in the rainy darkness of early morning, it isn't easy to see what the display is about.  Take a guess, though.

In my mind, there are ground lights and a Christmas tree done up in red lights.  But, beside this, there is a cross-shaped display with white lights, topped with a crown of red lights.

This told me that the people who live here, are Christians. 

Why would I think this?  Because, the Christmas tree reminds us of the birth of Christ; the reason we celebrate Christmas!  The white lights on the cross-like image, is a reminder of the real reason Jesus came to earth.  It is a display of Jesus, hanging on the cross, complete with a crown of thorns, and His blood.


What an ingenious way of getting across visually, the Gospel, as a celebration of Jesus' birth and why He came to earth!  After all, if He hadn't come to earth in human form and if He hadn't died for the sin of all who believe, no one would be saved from an eternity in Hell, separated from God. 

The last pic I am posting is of a sign that I pass by, daily.  In fact, I see signs like this all over town!  And, I praise God for this!

There are some churches who have elected to create and distribute these signs to all who want to post them. 

It blesses me and makes my heart skip a beat every time I see one of these signs, for I know that there are some people who are not afraid to stand up for Christ, even in this secular world of today, where it is not fully acceptable to name the name of Christ.

May God bless each and every one.

Until next time...

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