Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blessings Of Various Kinds...

Last Friday, was another busy day for me.

After doing my pool exercise at the WMCA/WYCA (Y), I did some of the work I knew I needed to do.

Later in the day, I made my way over to the Malden Park Continuing Care Centre (MPCCC), on Windsor's west side, at the back of the property where IODE Hospital used to be located.  Since the merger and name change to Windsor Regional Hospital, the building itself is under reconstruction, so patients for rehabilitation, have been moved to MPCCC, temporarily.

This is where my co-worker/realestate partner/friend C is staying, currently.

Hopefully, rehab will help C recover from the stroke he had that affected his ear/hearing/equalibrium, that prevents him from being able to stand, due to dizziness.  Of course, his ability to walk has been affected by this, as well as having more neuropathy, than before.

Please pray for healing for C.  Thank you.  May God bless you...

After visiting with C and updating him on recent work events, etc., I made my way to my nearby church.  Friday was the night for our church Christmas dinner.

Our turkey dinner was delicious!  Thank you to all who prepared and served it!  May God bless you, for your hard work and efforts to serve the rest of us, who I'm sure enjoyed it, as much as I did.

It was wonderful enjoying an evening of not just a tasty meal, but also of fun and fellowship with my church family.  We even played some games.  All in all, it was a great time!

Leaving there earlier than I would have liked to, I drove a few blocks, over to another church.

My book reading club was meeting there in the basement of that church, which has been converted into a restaurant/coffee shop.  To my surprise, there was the largest group of members attend this meeting, that I could remember.

In fact, the organizer has decided that rather than move to another location, he'll hold meetings on two (2) evenings.  One will be on a Monday, and the other, on a Friday.

By the time I had arrived, most of the discussion of the book of the month we read, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, had already taken place.  To my surprise, just as I was seating myself, I was asked a few questions, to which I politely responded.  No one was surprised at my response, for it seemed that most felt the way I did about the book.  I could take it, or leave it.

In any case, meeting with my fellow book readers was a blessing to me.  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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