Friday, December 9, 2011

All Kinds...

Hopefully, you've read Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries over the past couple of days.  If you have, you'll know that I've encountered some unwanted stuff through contact with Facebook (FB) friends and/or acquaintances.

Please know that I do not believe it is FB's fault.  Certainly, it is not.  I realize that if people are not on the level, no internet system of any kind will be able to determine this, in advance.

Yesterday, I mentioned a fellow who claimed to be a Malaysian pastor.  As I mentioned, this fellow was like all other pastors or people who have ministries and chat with friends on FB.

At first, he was pleasant and easy to chat and pray with.

Then, things began to change.  Not only was I being pressured to post only on his FB page and work only with him on his ministry, he began pressuring me for personal information. 

He claimed God had spoken to him, letting him know that He was directing him that I was to work solely with him, on his ministry. 

No.  I did not give out any personal info!

When I refused to give him my personal info, he sent me a rather nasty message and not only cancelled friendship, but blocked me, so that I could not even send a message in reply, to him.

Some friend!  Some Christian!  Obviously, he got his wires crossed concerning the message he claimed he received from God!  lol  :-))

Of course, these couple of examples I have elected to write about aren't the only incidents that have happened to me.  I've had many.  Okay.  I'll tell you about one (1) more.

A while ago, as is normal for me, I was chatted up on FB by a friend from Africa.  As is fairly common, conversation was light and Christian in nature.

Then, he began asking me if I missed being married.  I responded that I missed Gordon.  I let him know that he had been the other half of me, that I felt like half of me was missing.  After all, the Bible tells us that when we marry, we become one person (Matthew 19:6). 

His remarks to me began taking on a tone of wanting to marry me.  In fact, he asked me to consider marrying him.

Since this is too much to write about today, I'll continue this, tomorrow.  See you, then!

Until next time...

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