Monday, November 28, 2011

More Birthday Surprises, Unc...

If you've read recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, you'll know that I have been writing about birthday events.  My birthday events.

You'll also know that my daughter B had a family birthday party for me!  This celebration was not only unexpected, but gratefully received.  Thank you again, B and grandchildren!  May God bless each of you...

Leaving B's home, I made my way south of the nearby town of Essex, where I met a friend at a car-pooling parking lot at Hwy #3 and Arner Town Line. 

J is a fellow author in his early 80's.  He is a widower, who wrote a book in remembrance of his wife.  In fact, I purchased and read his book at least a couple of years ago.

As J suggested, we met there at the car-pooling parking lot, so I could leave my van and he would drive us into Leamington, where the writer's club meeting was to be held. 

In total, there was about 15 people in attendance.  It was shocking to me to see that many people who were writers in our Essex county area, especially knowing that not all authors were in attendance!

When I first arrived, I asked if it would be okay if I handed out bookmarks to each person in attendance.  In reply, I was welcomed to do so.  Then, during the meeting, I was asked to tell them about the book I authored, Love Never Fails You...

After our meeting was in progress, two (2) women arrived and seated themselves next to me.

One of the women and I looked at each other and began to laugh.  We didn't mean to disrupt the meeting, but it turned out that this woman was a neighbour of mine, who lives in the same apartment building, on another floor!  Neither one of us knew that the other was a writer.  lol

The biggest surprise happened just after our meeting ended.

Afterwards, I went to speak with the co-ordinator, because I heard his full name and wondered if he was related to someone I had previously known.  I asked B if he knew a woman whose name was E, since they had at one time had the same last name; he replied he did.  I then asked if E had been married to a man named H; he replied she had. 

Then, B asked me how I knew E & H.  I explained that my deceased husband's biological grandfather had died at a young age and went further to explain that his biological grandma had remarried a man named H. 

After many years, Gordon's grandmother died, leaving his grandpa H a widower.  H eventually remarried a woman named E.

B explained to me that E was his mother!

Wow!  Talk about shock!  Gordon and I, along with my children always called H & E grandpa and grandma, even though there was no biological connection.  I explained to B that his mom, grandma E had even pierced my daughter's ears when they were young.

Well, after discussing issues, B called me cuz.  We both laughed!

Wait until he hears this what I am going to say next:  he's not really a cousin, sort of removed.  He in essence, would have been Gordon's uncle, because he would have been Gordon's mom's step-brother; making Gordon a nephew and me a niece. 

So, when we meet again, I'll make sure to call him Unc!

Until next time...

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