Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Z!

Once again, I apologize for continuing to interrupt what I had been writing about a couple of days ago.  It seems this week has been a busy one, with special occasions. 

Believe me, I won't leave you hanging on much longer.  I will reveal what I have been leading up to.  Just bear with me!

Last night's sleep was rather short.  Only about two and a half (2 1/2) hours, long.

Once I awoke, I laid in bed trying to return to sleep.  All my effort was in vain.  Never, did I obtain even another moment's restful sleep.

Eventually, I got my weary body up and out of bed.

Instead of relaxing, I did some work and updated a bit on Facebook (FB).  Actually, I multi-tasked, because what I just told you about, I did while the cake I was making was baking in the oven!

Running a little late, my daughter P arrived at my apartment building.

We traded vehicles, because hers has a dangerous problem that needs to be repaired.  Her mechanic suggested she not take it on a long drive.  Since London, Ontario is about a two and a half (2 1/2) hour drive, away from here, that meant that she had to find another vehicle to use in order to drive to London, Ontario, today.

Eventually, P was off and running, or maybe I should say driving.  With her was her boyfriend and her son, Z.

Z had an appointment at a hospital in London, with a specialist.  Truly, I felt badly for my grandson, because today was a special day.  His birthday!

As they arrived back in Windsor, I got ready and went to meet them at P's home. 

All the family was there, ready to celebrate Z's 11th birthday.  In addition, his older brother D had a friend there, too.  So, the seven (7) of us enjoyed a family party!

Here's Z blowing out his candles!

Happy Birthday, Z!

Until next time...

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