Friday, November 18, 2011

Canada in Afghanistan...

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I explained that a church family member spoke at our 50+ group luncheon, at my church.  J spoke about Afghanistan, and what was happening, there.

If you read yesterday's LwL entry, then you are aware that I tried to post J's notes, but was unable to do so, without either having the print too small to read, or having part of the article cut off, making it unable to read in its entirety.  As I mentioned, I needed to rewrite her entire note, for you to be able to read.  Please note, I've made every effort to reprint J's notes, exactly as she wrote them.

I'm sure you'll find this as rewarding as I did.

J's note on Afghanistan is as follows:


I have been asked to talk about the accomplishments that have been made in Afghanistan since the Canadian Forces got involved.

When our grandson Dan went to Afghanistan about 5 years ago, the Canadians were building roads and digging wells for the people.  During the night the Taliban would plant mines on these roads killing and maiming their own people as well as our troops.  Also during the night they would poison the water in the wells dug by the Canadians by throwing dead animals down the wells.  The people were warned not to let the Canadians dig wells for them or else.  We can only imagine what the 'or else' meant.  Their threats were valid ones.  Schools and hospitals were bombed as fast as the Canadians could build them.

Since then Canada has made so many positive changes that when you learn what they've done, you will no longer ask, "Why are we risking our soldier's lives over there?"

The Canadians are providing humanitarian assistance for vulnerable people, including refugees, returnees and internally displaced people.  Imagine the number of women and children who have lost husbands and fathers and mothers, people who need our help.  More than 500 square kilometres of land have been released back to the Afghans, free of mines and remnants of war.

Canadians have brought law and order to the land.  In 8 years the Afghan Army has grown from roughly 17,000 troops to 171,000 by October of this year.  50,000 Afghan troops have bene trained and mentored bringing security to the population and demonstrating their ability to conduct operations.  The police are on track to meet their growth target of 134,000 for 2011.  Canadian civilian police and military mentors are helping to train and guide these officers.  As a result, a growing number of Kandaharis say they feel safer in their communities.  Canada has also provided professional training to over 100 corrections personnel in Kandahar.

Please stay with me.  There is more that J said.  I'm sure you'll feel as blessed as I did, hearing what she had to say!

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