Friday, November 25, 2011

An Angel...

If you've ever read the first posting in Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that two (2) years ago, I began writing blog entries, beginning on my actual birthday.

While yesterday's entry was actually wishing LwL a Happy Birthday, it was in reality, my birthday.

Before I write about my birthday, I would like to ask for prayer for my real estate partner/friend C, who has been ill.  About three (3) weeks ago, he thought he had gotten a cold that settled in his ear.  As the pain got worse and as his balance didn't improve, he went to see his doctor, who gave him a prescription for medication to help him. 

Anyone who has ever had problems with their middle or inner ear, knows that sometimes dizziness and equilibrium problems accompany the virus, affecting a person's ability to stand, walk, etc.  C was experiencing this.

As his condition worsened, he visited the hospital on three (3) occasions.  Only on the third (3rd) visit, the last visit, was he admitted into the hospital.

Tests determined that C had a stroke; they called it a mild stroke.  Consequently, he is still in hospital, awaiting placement into a rehabilitation programme.

Please pray that it is God's will to heal C, fully, completely, totally; however you want to say it, he not only needs his hearing restored, but the equilibrium problem rectified.  If healing for the dizziness doesn't happen, he not only won't be able to return to work, but he won't be able to drive, or even walk.  So, I thank you for prayer for C.  May God bless you.

Before C had been admitted into hospital, everyone thought he just had a cold that would leave him.  Way back then, he had already reminded me that we were going to Red Lobster, along with another friend, to celebrate my birthday.  As we do with certain friends, we usually celebrate each other's birthdays!

Once C had been admitted, we all agreed that we needed to cancel my birthday celebration, until C was feeling better and out of hospital. 

Without my knowledge, C did something that was totally out of character for him.  He asked a mutual friend to do an errand for him.  She went and purchased a gift for me.

On Wednesday, the day before my birthday, C gave me the gift along with a card, wishing me Happy Birthday!

To be honest, I was nearly blown away.  And, I told him so.  Never before had we ever exchanged presents for birthdays.  It was truly shocking to me.

When I asked C why he did this, he told me that he wanted to give me the gift early, in case I was busy on my birthday.  When I  reminded him that we don't exchange gifts, tears welled up and he had some trouble speaking.

Once more calm, he reminded me that he was a dialysis patient, since his kidneys had been affected by his diabetes.  He continued on to say that since he didn't know if he would live to see another birthday of mine, he wanted to give me something that I could look at and remember him by, in the event he would die.

Woah!  As I asked him if he was planning on going somewhere, he responded that one never knows what God has in store.  C professes to be Christian, so I won't comment there, except to say that God knows the condition of his heart. 

A flashback came to me as we discussed this issue.  I recalled an incident involving my deceased husband Gordin, when he did almost the same thing; he had given me a pin to wear, letting me know he wanted me to have it, in case he wasn't around to give it to me on my birthday.  Which, he wasn't.

In C's hospital room, I opened his gift to me.  It was a lovely musical teddy bear, with pink wings.  As the music plays, the bear's wings flap, as if she will fly away.  It's really cute.  I thanked C for his thoughtfulness.

As I left his room, he once again had tears in his eyes.

Until next time...

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