Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prayer Needed...

Recently, my family has experienced some really serious problems.

While I have no intention of going into detail with each person's needs, I will give you a general idea of what I need to ask you to pray for.  If I didn't feel there were serious needs, I would not ask you to pray.  After all, this entry is supposed to be either fun to read, informative, or enjoyable.

I'm sure you'll probably agree with me that in this case, this entry will be none of the above.

Recently, my daughter B has spoken to me regarding some personal problems she is experiencing.  Her two (2) oldest sons, of the five (5) children she has, are experiencing personal problems, as well.  Prayer is definitely needed, for all involved.

Yesterday, I accompanied my youngest daughter, P to her medical appointment with the Internist.  You may have read that P has Lupus and has been experiencing problems with her hemoglobin level being too low.  Her red blood cell count keeps dropping.  On two (2) occasions in recent weeks, she's had to have blood transfusions.

Two (2) of P's three children, have medical needs. 

Her son Z, was injured in the summer, when he wiped out on a bicycle on a hill, while away at a cottage.  He is now requiring further medical treatment, because his skin is not healing properly.  In addition, on his recent birthday, a specialist in London, Ontario (about 2 1/2 hour drive from home) informed P that Z has a bone tumour in his arm.

Z's younger brother, S was born with a heart problem.  Throughout his life, to date, our family has been aware that S will require surgery once he's in his early to mid teens.  However, P found out recently that it was determined (also in London, Ontario) that S will probably require surgery sooner than that, because they found a second problem with his heart.

Then, a couple of days ago, I was notified that my brother B, who is a diabetic on dialysis, had tests done to determine if the growths that were in his kidneys had grown.  They had in fact, doubled in size.  This evening, I was informed that both growths are cancer.

In mid-December, B will be seeing a surgeon in Hamilton, Ontario.  A date will be set for the surgeon to remove both B's kidneys.

Not only does this mean that B is off the transplant list that he had been on for quite a while, but he won't be able to be put back onto the list for between about nine (9) months to three (3) years.  Then, once on the list, will await his estimated time of between eight (8) to twelve (12) years to receive his transplant.

Is B upset?  Of course he is.  Who wouldn't be?

As you can imagine, I've been praying for the needs of all my family members, who need prayer.  Please, if you can find it in your heart to pray, I ask you to do so.  Thank you.  May God bless you, always...

Until next time...

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday Generosity!

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about my birthday celebrations and surprises in recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries!  Believe it or not, I still have more to write about, regarding birthday celebrations!

On Friday, November 25th, the day after my birthday, I did my usual routine, getting up early and doing my pool exercise at the YMCA/YWCA (Y), before exercising at my friend's basement gym.  Once again, I was tuckered out by the time I arrived home!

Even so, I knew I didn't have much time to waste, so I got on the computer and did some work I needed to do.  Then, it was time to get cleaned up and appropriately dressed to go meet my friend A, for lunch.

We had pre-arranged to meet at East Side Mario's for lunch that day.

I arrived first, with a birthday present for A.  Her birthday isn't until mid-December, but since it is a traditionally busy time and since the anniversary of her husband's death is the day before A's birthday, we decided to meet early instead, in between our special days, to celebrate both our birthdays.  Just as I had done, A arrived, gift and card in hand.

With two (2) birthday gifts and cards on the table, our server sort of guessed we were celebrating a birthday.  We explained we were celebrating birthdays for both of us!  lol

We enjoyed our time together, talking and reminiscing about long ago things.  We've known each other since I began selling real estate, in 1988!  Of course, we enjoyed our meals, also!

Afterwards, we kind of expected East Side Mario's staff to bring the wheel of fortune, they have.  When celebrating at their restaurant, the birthday person gets to spin the wheel to find out if they win a variety of items, including possibly a free lunch,  as a complimentary gift for their next visit.  At least, that's how they always did it, in the past.

Well, to our surprise, all the wait staff congregated around where we were seated and sang their company's birthday song and presented us with a sinfully delicious chocolate dessert, with a sparkler in each one!

We laughed!  They didn't used to do this, but they did, that day!

Afterwards, we parted ways, knowing we would return there once again to enjoy lunch together.  Next time, it will be a complimentary lunch!  Thank you, East Side Mario's!  We appreciate your generosity!  May God bless the owner, who is related to a friend of mine.  May God prosper this restaurant business, as the owner trusts Him for everything in his life.

Until next time...

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Monday, November 28, 2011

More Birthday Surprises, Unc...

If you've read recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, you'll know that I have been writing about birthday events.  My birthday events.

You'll also know that my daughter B had a family birthday party for me!  This celebration was not only unexpected, but gratefully received.  Thank you again, B and grandchildren!  May God bless each of you...

Leaving B's home, I made my way south of the nearby town of Essex, where I met a friend at a car-pooling parking lot at Hwy #3 and Arner Town Line. 

J is a fellow author in his early 80's.  He is a widower, who wrote a book in remembrance of his wife.  In fact, I purchased and read his book at least a couple of years ago.

As J suggested, we met there at the car-pooling parking lot, so I could leave my van and he would drive us into Leamington, where the writer's club meeting was to be held. 

In total, there was about 15 people in attendance.  It was shocking to me to see that many people who were writers in our Essex county area, especially knowing that not all authors were in attendance!

When I first arrived, I asked if it would be okay if I handed out bookmarks to each person in attendance.  In reply, I was welcomed to do so.  Then, during the meeting, I was asked to tell them about the book I authored, Love Never Fails You...

After our meeting was in progress, two (2) women arrived and seated themselves next to me.

One of the women and I looked at each other and began to laugh.  We didn't mean to disrupt the meeting, but it turned out that this woman was a neighbour of mine, who lives in the same apartment building, on another floor!  Neither one of us knew that the other was a writer.  lol

The biggest surprise happened just after our meeting ended.

Afterwards, I went to speak with the co-ordinator, because I heard his full name and wondered if he was related to someone I had previously known.  I asked B if he knew a woman whose name was E, since they had at one time had the same last name; he replied he did.  I then asked if E had been married to a man named H; he replied she had. 

Then, B asked me how I knew E & H.  I explained that my deceased husband's biological grandfather had died at a young age and went further to explain that his biological grandma had remarried a man named H. 

After many years, Gordon's grandmother died, leaving his grandpa H a widower.  H eventually remarried a woman named E.

B explained to me that E was his mother!

Wow!  Talk about shock!  Gordon and I, along with my children always called H & E grandpa and grandma, even though there was no biological connection.  I explained to B that his mom, grandma E had even pierced my daughter's ears when they were young.

Well, after discussing issues, B called me cuz.  We both laughed!

Wait until he hears this what I am going to say next:  he's not really a cousin, sort of removed.  He in essence, would have been Gordon's uncle, because he would have been Gordon's mom's step-brother; making Gordon a nephew and me a niece. 

So, when we meet again, I'll make sure to call him Unc!

Until next time...

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Surprise, continued... (No Fire Department Needed!)

If you haven't yet read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you may want to take a moment to do so.  It may make it easier to put into perspective this entry.

As per our last minute arrangements, I arrived at my daughter B's home, after my grandsons arrived home from school.

B had picked up pizza for dinner, as we usually seem to do on birthdays.  It was really nice of her to do this, especially since I was not expecting any kind of celebration for my birthday.

Afterwards, she and my grandchildren gathered around as I made a wish and blew out one musical candle on a cake.  Here's a photo of the cake and candle:

Both B and I agreed that even though this cake wasn't a traditional birthday cake, it was one of the most delicious cakes we had ever eaten!  Yummm....

Actually, I was grateful that B had not done what I did for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. 

If you read about B's birthday, you'll know and see in the pic I posted then, that there were so many candles on her cake that the cake itself appeared to be on fire.  When she blew out the candles, there was so much smoke that the smoke alarm went off!

Just think how much worse it would have been had she arranged candles on the cake for each of my birthdays, plus one for good luck.  Gee, maybe the fire department would have to have been called!  :-))

Not only was dinner a beautiful surprise to me, but having a cake, too?  Wow!  I have to admit, I felt blessed... and loved, that day, especially since I couldn't recall how many years it had been since anything like this had happened for me. 

Even today, I feel overwhelmed every time I reflect on this.  Thank you, B and family!  I appreciated your loving birthday surprise more than you could ever know.

Even though you've heard about part of my birthday events, there is still more to come.  Hopefully, you'll return, tomorrow!

Until next time...

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Birthday Surprise!

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about receiving a beautiful birthday gift, from someone I would have least expected this from. 

Thank you, C!  Just as you requested of me, every time I look at it, I will think of you.  Please know that it is my prayer that God will heal you, totally, and quickly, to restore your physical life, here on earth. 

As per my normal routine as of this month, I was up early, even on my birthday.  Like usual, I did my one to one and a quarter (1 - 1 1/4) hour workout in the pool. 

It was interesting that someone else who I see regularly in the pool swimming lengths, actually spoke to me for the first time, as I was working out.  He commented on my dedication.  I thanked him for the compliment and continued on in my exercise programme.

Afterwards, I went to my friend's basement gym and did my workout, there. 

Talk about being exhausted!  By the time I got home, my pool items rinsed and hung to dry, had a shower and got dressed, I felt like I needed a nap!  lol  But, I didn't.

Instead, I went on Facebook (FB) for a while.

Much to my surprise, I had more birthday wishes than I could have ever dreamed possible.  The day before, as people began wishing me Happy Birthday, I had thanked them.  Many friends did this, because of my birthday also being Thanksgiving Day, in USA.

On my birthday, I expected there wouldn't be many wishes/prayers, etc.  Because I had thanked those the day previous, I didn't want to not thank friends, who posted on my actual birthday. 

Shockingly, it took me four (4) hours of constant work, to thank each person for their loving birthday wishes.  Actually, longer, but it was all the time I could dedicate at that time.  I thanked God for providing that time, because I had already decided I wasn't doing any of my normal work on my special day.

Phew!  I was even more exhausted by the time my daughter B telephoned me, mid afternoon.  At first, I thought she was calling to wish me Happy Birthday

To my surprise, B asked me what plans I had for later.  When I replied that I was going to attend a writer's club meeting for the first time, she asked when it began.  We discussed the details.  Then, B explained that since I would be able to go to her home for dinner, prior to the meeting, she would expect me.

Be still my heart!  Wow!  Was I in shock!  After giving it some thought, I realized that I shouldn't have been quite so shocked, because neither of my daughters ever seem to make plans in advance.  Even so, I was grateful.

Well, I'm sure you can guess that there would be too much to write about in this entry, so I'll continue on, tomorrow.  See you, then!

Until next time...

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Friday, November 25, 2011

An Angel...

If you've ever read the first posting in Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that two (2) years ago, I began writing blog entries, beginning on my actual birthday.

While yesterday's entry was actually wishing LwL a Happy Birthday, it was in reality, my birthday.

Before I write about my birthday, I would like to ask for prayer for my real estate partner/friend C, who has been ill.  About three (3) weeks ago, he thought he had gotten a cold that settled in his ear.  As the pain got worse and as his balance didn't improve, he went to see his doctor, who gave him a prescription for medication to help him. 

Anyone who has ever had problems with their middle or inner ear, knows that sometimes dizziness and equilibrium problems accompany the virus, affecting a person's ability to stand, walk, etc.  C was experiencing this.

As his condition worsened, he visited the hospital on three (3) occasions.  Only on the third (3rd) visit, the last visit, was he admitted into the hospital.

Tests determined that C had a stroke; they called it a mild stroke.  Consequently, he is still in hospital, awaiting placement into a rehabilitation programme.

Please pray that it is God's will to heal C, fully, completely, totally; however you want to say it, he not only needs his hearing restored, but the equilibrium problem rectified.  If healing for the dizziness doesn't happen, he not only won't be able to return to work, but he won't be able to drive, or even walk.  So, I thank you for prayer for C.  May God bless you.

Before C had been admitted into hospital, everyone thought he just had a cold that would leave him.  Way back then, he had already reminded me that we were going to Red Lobster, along with another friend, to celebrate my birthday.  As we do with certain friends, we usually celebrate each other's birthdays!

Once C had been admitted, we all agreed that we needed to cancel my birthday celebration, until C was feeling better and out of hospital. 

Without my knowledge, C did something that was totally out of character for him.  He asked a mutual friend to do an errand for him.  She went and purchased a gift for me.

On Wednesday, the day before my birthday, C gave me the gift along with a card, wishing me Happy Birthday!

To be honest, I was nearly blown away.  And, I told him so.  Never before had we ever exchanged presents for birthdays.  It was truly shocking to me.

When I asked C why he did this, he told me that he wanted to give me the gift early, in case I was busy on my birthday.  When I  reminded him that we don't exchange gifts, tears welled up and he had some trouble speaking.

Once more calm, he reminded me that he was a dialysis patient, since his kidneys had been affected by his diabetes.  He continued on to say that since he didn't know if he would live to see another birthday of mine, he wanted to give me something that I could look at and remember him by, in the event he would die.

Woah!  As I asked him if he was planning on going somewhere, he responded that one never knows what God has in store.  C professes to be Christian, so I won't comment there, except to say that God knows the condition of his heart. 

A flashback came to me as we discussed this issue.  I recalled an incident involving my deceased husband Gordin, when he did almost the same thing; he had given me a pin to wear, letting me know he wanted me to have it, in case he wasn't around to give it to me on my birthday.  Which, he wasn't.

In C's hospital room, I opened his gift to me.  It was a lovely musical teddy bear, with pink wings.  As the music plays, the bear's wings flap, as if she will fly away.  It's really cute.  I thanked C for his thoughtfulness.

As I left his room, he once again had tears in his eyes.

Until next time...

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Life with Lynnie! & Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Birthday, to you...
Happy Birthday, to you...
Happy Birthday, dear Life with Lynnie...
Happy Birthday, to you!

It's hard to believe that it was two (2) years ago, when I first began writing 
Life with Lynnie!

Right from the time Life with Lynnie was born, until now
it's been quite a journey!
Hurt, anguish, pain, sadness, sorrow, excitement, happiness, joy
and love.

Love not just for what God has done for me in my life,
but also, for the love I have received from
each one of you,
who read what God leads me to write
in daily entries.

I thank you, friends
for standing by me,
and being with me through the good times
and the
not so good times.

I thank you
being supportive
and encouraging me
every step of the way.

Thank you
even when we were not always on the same page.

I appreciate you
more than you know.

It is a blessing
a priviledge
to call you

May God bless you, always!


p.s.  To all my friends who are celebrating
Thanksgiving, today...

I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time...

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Open House!

Last Saturday, was a very busy day.

If you've been reading Life with Lynnie (LwL) lately, you'll know that I have a new habit.  I go to the YMCA/YWCA (Y) to use the pool.

As you may know, when I use the pool, I do not swim lengths. 

Even though I have more freedom of movement than I have had in years, and even though I am stronger than I have been since the collision I was involved in, in 1980, I still cannot swim lengths. 

Why?  Well, since I am not totally healed from neck and shoulder injury from long ago, it is still very difficult for me to raise my arms over my head, making it nearly impossible to swim lengths, when I cannot put arm over arm up and over into the water.

Instead, I work out in the water, doing exercise.  Anyone who has seen me work out, knows that I do not do light exercise, but rather, I work out very hard, for between and hour and an hour and a quarter (1 - 1 1/4 hours).

Since the Y opens on Saturdays at 8:00 a.m., I was there at opening time.  During the week, the Y opens at 6:30 a.m.; that's when I arrive!

So, by being at the Y for 8:00 a.m., I felt like I was getting to sleep in!  :-))

After doing my time in the pool, I rushed home to shower and change into something comfy for the day.  I knew I wanted to be comfortable for the rest of the day, because I knew that I was going to be limited in what I could do for the rest of the day.

Upon leaving home, I picked up the plate of cookies I had baked the evening before, taking them with me to my friend W's home.

W was having an Open House/Craft/Avon/Baked Goods sale.  Since W is an active woman who sells Avon, she had much to offer those who were coming to look, and hopefully do some Christmas shopping.  At least one mutual friend loves to bake, so W had a variety of baked goods for sale on her behalf.  The same applied to someone who likes to do crafting.

My cookies were not to be sold.  They were for all patrons and/or friends to enjoy while they visited W's home.

Why was I there?  Well, W suggested I set up a table, bring some copies of my book Love Never Fails You... and hopefully, sell some to patrons who attended the open house. 

So, in addition to baking cookies last Friday, I also dropped off at W's home some copies of my book.  This way, I was all set up for the day, when I arrived on Saturday morning.

Throughout the day, people came and went.  Some purchased items, some did not.  Everyone seemed to have a nice visit with W, her family and friends, including me.

W made sales, as did her friends who left their goods with her to sell.  The surprising thing for me, was that I did, too!

Yes, believe it or not, I actually sold some copies of my book!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!  And, thank you, W! 

You may be aware that I had ordered copies of my book that I never would have ordered, had I known the conferences where I was to bring my book to and I was to speak at, were cancelled! 

W, I am sincerely grateful to you, for your friendship and for your loving heart, that opened up your home to me.  Due to your loving suggestion, I now have less books at home.   Truly, this is quite an accomplishment!

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can market the remainder of my inventory, please contact me.  After all, most bookstores in USA order directly through the publisher and here in Canada, it seems unrealistic at this time to drive great distances to drop off a copy of my book for the buyer to read and make a decision as to whether they will carry my book or not; then return to drop off copies for sale.

In any case, like I said, I am grateful to W, for her loving kindness.  May God bless you, my friend.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Late this afternoon, I watched Richard Bangs' travel show Adventures with Purpose, on the Create channel.

For those who don't know, I receive the digital channel Create, on both 56-3 (Detroit, Michigan) and/or 30-3 (Toledo, Ohio).  Knowing I can see Michigan from my apartment building property, one might think that the Detroit station would be the one I normally watch, when I watch the Create channel.  Believe it or not, most often I receive the Toledo channel, with less interruption, so Toledo normally wins out!

The Create channel is one of the Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) that I am able to receive, through our roof antenna.  Yup, that's right!  I don't use cable or satellite service.  Our antenna provides me with more than 25 channels (I gave up counting when I reached 25!) of television programming, so why would I want more?!

Since both USA and Canada have now gone mainly digital, I use a digital receiver in order to receive programming.  Of course, there is still one (1) station from USA and one (1) station from here in Canada, that hasn't yet gone digital, so when I watch either of those stations, I turn off the digital receiver and just receive the signal directly from the antenna.

In any case, Richard was in Morocco, today.

That is one reason why I decided to watch the programme.  You see, Gordon and I visited Morocco, a few years ago.

In the past, watching a programme that reminded me of Gordon would have made me just cry throughout the whole show, but lately I've noticed that doesn't always happen, anymore.  Yes, I still found myself teary-eyed for a moment or two, but all in all, it felt good seeing some of the places my husband and I enjoyed in real life.

When Richard was in Marrakesh, was one of those times.  Seeing the square filled with vendors and snake-charmers, not only brought a tear to my eye, but also made me chuckle.  After all, who could ever forget being taunted by a charmer with a cobra, like I was!

Casablanca was an interesting city.  Much more modern than some of the other places we saw.  We even drove past Rick's

Of course, if you are a fan of the oldie films like the movie Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, you will know that Rick's wasn't a real place.  It was a figment of the imagination of the scriptwriter.  Still, as is done elsewhere in the world, someone decided they had to create a real bar/restaurant to complete the atmosphere in the famous city.

Tangier was quite a place!  The Medina (old city), much like Marrakesh, was a myriad of narrow streets, with more vendors than one could ever dream of shopping at, at least while on holiday!

Two things pop into my mind whenever I think of Tangier.  First, our rug.  This is where Gordon fell in love with the silk rug we purchased, there. 

On a more historical level, I think always of seeing with Gordon, the building that was taken over by the German Nazi's and outfitted as a radio station, during WW2.  What touches my heart about this, is the fact that it was never used by the Nazi's for its intended purpose, for the Nazi's retreated from the city and area, before it could be used.

However, at the time when Gordon and I viewed the building, it had been taken over by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). 

Every time I think of this, I chuckle.  It's the greatest real-life example that comes to my mind, when I think of how God works.  What man (Hitler and his crew) meant for evil, God meant for good!  "But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive." (Genesis 50:20) 

Until next time...

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Hope For Afghanistan...

Today, we are completing my church sister J's notes about what has been happening with Canadian military in Afghanistan...

All of this has happened since our soldiers got involved in 2001.. yes, in just 10 years.

None of this would be possible if it weren't for the men and women fighting on the ground.  They are the backbone of the above stated initiatives.  They are the ones who cleared the roads of mines.  They are the ones who kept the Taliban at bay with their expertise in the functions of soldiering.  They were the ones who befriended the Afghanis and showed them that we were there to help, not to conquer.  They were the ones who strived to earn the trust of the tribal chieftains.  My grandson was involved in 43 war skirmishes with the Taliban in 6 months.  That means that he was in a shooting war every three days for 6 months.  The soldiers on the ground are the ones who kept guard so that the engineers and other workers could do their jobs.  We should be proud of all Canadians in whatever capacity in which they were involved.  We should be encouraging them, cheering them on and giving them our support.

Let's not ask "why are our young men risking their lives over there?"  Let's say, to them instead, "Job well done.  We are proud of each and every one of you."

For those who would like to see/read J's actual notes, feel free to click on the 3 links, below:

Here is a photo that I received from J.  It shows a rainbow in Afghanistan.  J called it Hope for Afghanistan.

As you know, I am a believer in standing up for our troops, no matter where they are, no matter what they are doing.  Why?  Because, they stand for us, in the cause of freedom.

I've said it before and I'll say it, again.  Freedom isn't free.  It comes at a cost.  The cost is paid by those who stand for the cause of freedom, by sacrificing time of their lives and the lives of those who are waiting for them at home, or by the giving of their lives.  The ultimate sacrifice.

Please, when you see a veteran or military personnel anywhere, take the time to let them know they are appreciated.  Thank them, for the work they do.  Thank them, for their sacrifice.

Of course, being Christian, I believe that the truly ultimate sacrifice was made by my Lord, Jesus Christ, when He gave His life, so we could be saved.

Are you saved?  Are you born-again? 

If not, please know that it is not my opinion, but rather God's, that you come to salvation through believing on Jesus Christ, who shed His blood at Calvary, for me, for you, and for all who will believe.

May God continue to bless Canada.  May God bless our Canadian military.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Canada in Afghanistan, continued...

If you haven't yet read recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, you may want to take a moment or two (2) to do so.  I've been posting notes that J, my 50+ group luncheon friend spoke about last Wednesday and gave me permission to use, giving us an update on what's been happening in Afghanistan, concerning Canada.  J continued on...

TB was another program tackled by the Canadian forces National TB program.  It is improving the abilities of the Afghan Public Health project that focuses on services to treat the disease.  5,000 health workers have been trained in tuberculosis care.  The Canadians have provided training and technical assistance, created a system to select, use and distribute drugs in
the treatment of TB, and to track the disease, and monitor programme activities.

Canada with Afghanistan's Ministry of Education, has established 4,000 community based schools that will provide basic primary education to about 120,000 schoolchildren, 80% of which are girls.  They have created early childhood development programs, implemented after-school learning programs initiated skills development programs for adolescents, provided training to almost 4,000 government school teachers and 4,000 community based schoolteachers, of which a large number are to be women.  Classes began at Nasrat school in Sept. 2010.

There were hundreds of students studying outside, sitting on the hard ground and exposed to extreme weather.  A great need in general was for new schools.  Canadians took on the project.  One-room schools are being built so that students can learn away from the elements.  The most important program activities are to support education at the community level through accelerated learning classes for out-of-school children, prioritizing school for girls, setting up a national strategy and establishing 100 literacy courses for women in Kandahar provinces.  The children will gain knowledge and confidence to their own businesses in the future, or have the skill set to get a job.  It will offer a number of jobs to teachers and grounds keepers bringing money into the community, improving the economy.  The Canadians are introducing gender-equality education in south Kandahar.  In 2001, only 700,000 Afghan children, almost none of whom were girls attended school  Today over 6 million children go to school and one third of them are girls.  29% of the teachers now are women.  Canada is the single biggest donor to the multi-donor World Bank Initiative in support of Afghan education.  We are working to strengthen the Afghan Ministry of Education, develop curricula, train teachers and increase access to education for students.

Believe it or not, there is still a little more to be said, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Please continue reading about what J spoke about.  I'm praying you will be blessed.

Until next time...

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

More About Canada in Afghanistan...

Continuing on from yesterday, here is more of J's notes of what she read to us at our 50+ group luncheon this past Wednesday, concerning what has been happening in Afghanistan, militarily.

Canada has been working to build confidence and understanding between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Through talks facilitated by Canada, the 2 governments are now developing an agreement to open their 3 legal crossing points 7 days a week and are working on developing a customs-to-customs agreement.  Other concrete actions include an agreement for mutual visits of immigration officials and a timeline for drafting agreements on law enforcement, countering narcotics and the movement of people.  In 2010 Canada launched the Border Region Initiative enhancing border security between Afghan and Pakistani authorities through customs training.

The Canadians are building national institutions that support democratic processes.  This aids in facilitating Afghan-led efforts toward political harmony.  The first Afghan-led presidential and parliamentary elections since the fall of the Taliban were held in 2009 and 2010.  Although flawed, the elections remained a significant achievement for a country still engaged in conflict and suffering from 30 years of strife.  Canada helped to build new democratic institutions, and to bring about electoral reform, including providing election support materials and training to more than 250 female parliamentary candidates.  They introduced human rights through support to the Afghanistan Human Rights Commission.  Canada's broadening awareness project is to improve women's participation in elections, involving house-bound women in rural areas, and working with local broadcasters so as to target rural audiences to inform them about rules of conduct and democracy, creating a mobile dialogue to educate the people in the southern provinces, guiding mock elections in some schools and universities to relay the importance of elections and the role of voters.

One of the signature projects of the Canadians was to restore the Dahla Dam and its irrigation system.  After being in ruins for decades, water is flowing again and Afghan farmers have renewed opportunities to return the area to a major centre of food production for their country and the region.  Canadians support a project that distributes wheat seed to farmers.  11,000 farmers will benefit from Wheat seeds and fertilizer distribution.

Another project for the Canadians is the completion of the highway between the districts of Spin Boldak and Kandahar city.  This 103 kilometre highway is one of the most important roads in Afghanistan and provides a major economic artery for all of southern Afghanistan.  It is one of only 6 major cross-border links with Afghanistan's neighbours.  It is the primary route for the country's imports and exports and is one of the 2 main roads between Pakistan and Afghanistan, used by the many Afghans who still have family and business relations in Pakistan.  This Spin Boldak highway has improved access to districts and local markets, access to health clinics and educational facilities helping to create an effective security and stabilization of activities.  National unity has been strengthened.

Today, 66% of the Afghan people have access to primary health-care services within 2 hours of walking distance of their homes.  The infant mortality rate has been reduced through Canadian-funded projects which is improving the availability and the quality of emergency obstetrics care.  Canada has trained over 1,450 health workers, including doctors, nurses, midwives and community health workers.  Canada and its international partners have provided polio vaccinations to over 7 million children younger than the age of 5 contributing to the eradication of polio across Afghanistan by 2009.

Please note, J's notes do not end here.  Please stay tuned!  There's more to come that I'm sure will make you feel blessed.

Until next time...

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Canada in Afghanistan...

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I explained that a church family member spoke at our 50+ group luncheon, at my church.  J spoke about Afghanistan, and what was happening, there.

If you read yesterday's LwL entry, then you are aware that I tried to post J's notes, but was unable to do so, without either having the print too small to read, or having part of the article cut off, making it unable to read in its entirety.  As I mentioned, I needed to rewrite her entire note, for you to be able to read.  Please note, I've made every effort to reprint J's notes, exactly as she wrote them.

I'm sure you'll find this as rewarding as I did.

J's note on Afghanistan is as follows:


I have been asked to talk about the accomplishments that have been made in Afghanistan since the Canadian Forces got involved.

When our grandson Dan went to Afghanistan about 5 years ago, the Canadians were building roads and digging wells for the people.  During the night the Taliban would plant mines on these roads killing and maiming their own people as well as our troops.  Also during the night they would poison the water in the wells dug by the Canadians by throwing dead animals down the wells.  The people were warned not to let the Canadians dig wells for them or else.  We can only imagine what the 'or else' meant.  Their threats were valid ones.  Schools and hospitals were bombed as fast as the Canadians could build them.

Since then Canada has made so many positive changes that when you learn what they've done, you will no longer ask, "Why are we risking our soldier's lives over there?"

The Canadians are providing humanitarian assistance for vulnerable people, including refugees, returnees and internally displaced people.  Imagine the number of women and children who have lost husbands and fathers and mothers, people who need our help.  More than 500 square kilometres of land have been released back to the Afghans, free of mines and remnants of war.

Canadians have brought law and order to the land.  In 8 years the Afghan Army has grown from roughly 17,000 troops to 171,000 by October of this year.  50,000 Afghan troops have bene trained and mentored bringing security to the population and demonstrating their ability to conduct operations.  The police are on track to meet their growth target of 134,000 for 2011.  Canadian civilian police and military mentors are helping to train and guide these officers.  As a result, a growing number of Kandaharis say they feel safer in their communities.  Canada has also provided professional training to over 100 corrections personnel in Kandahar.

Please stay with me.  There is more that J said.  I'm sure you'll feel as blessed as I did, hearing what she had to say!

Until next time...

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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yesterday, after working out at my friend's gym, I returned home to bake some cookies.  One of my favourites.  Peanut butter cookies!

After showering and changing into clothing not suitable to work out/exercise in, I made my way over to the YMCA/YWCA (Y).  I was a good girl!  I did my one and a quarter (1 1/4) hour workout in the pool.

Then, it was time to once again get cleaned up, so I could head over to my church.  Being the third (3rd) Wednesday of the month, it was time for our 50+ group luncheon.

We enjoyed some beautiful music, sang hymns and had a presentation by representatives of Bibles For Missions (BFM) resale shop.  In case you aren't aware, BFM operates about 40 resale shops across Ontario.  Our local shop raised over $150,000 last year.

Where does the monies raised go?  It is sent to The Bible League of Canada who sends Bibles FREE to pastors around the world, in whatever languages are available.  Not just English.

We shared a delicious lunch provided by our church group volunteers, of soup and sandwiches.  Followed by tasty desserts supplied by all in attendance.  Now you know why I baked the cookies!

Afterwards, we had another speaker. 

A woman whose family is what I would call a military family.  Not only had she and her husband both served Canada in the military in the past, but her children, and other family members have served or are serving, also.

With Remembrance Day being only a week ago, I was happy to hear her presentation.

J explained to us what had been happening in Afghanistan.  Most of what she said, is rarely if ever reported about, by mainstream news stations, here in Windsor.  I was grateful to be able to hear what she had to say.

I want you to know I tried to copy J's notes to post them, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), but was unable to do so.  Oh, I was able to copy and insert.  The problem was that the print was too small to read.  When I enlarged, then it was large enough to read, but the edge was cut off.

In the end, I decided to just rewrite J's notes, exactly as she originally wrote them. 

I am grateful to J for giving me a copy to use, as well as permission to use them, here on LwL.  Thank you, J!  Hopefully, readers will be blessed as I was, hearing what you had to say.

Hopefully, you will tune in tomorrow, to hear what J had to say.  If you are like me, you may be blown away!!

Until next time...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mysterious Ways...

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that right in the middle of the bar area of Average Joe's restaurant and bar, I prayed with a young woman, who cried and cried over how painful her life was.

Truly, it was shocking to me that this happened, for when does this happen, usually?  Never, to my knowledge!  But, then again, I don't make a habit of hanging out in places like this, so I suppose I couldn't really say for sure.

In any case, after J left, our own group dwindled.  People decided to leave, but JB, M and I stayed on.

From over at the bar area, we could hear fellows talking about my book Love Never Fails You...  One fellow kept looking at the bookmark, handling it like it was made of delicate glass.

This fellow could be overheard telling his cronies that he truly was going to get a copy of my book, because his life was a mess.

Others joined into his conversation, each saying things about their lives that were upsetting to them.

It was then, that a thought occurred to me.  I realized that probably everyone in that place, was there because they were sad, lonely or depressed.  It seemed that each wanted to be able to spend time away from whatever alienated them from their normal life routines.

Silently, I prayed.  For each person.

It made me sad to realize that while I sit at home looking at four (4) walls, feeling sad about my own life, there are those who go and drown their sorrows in alcoholic beverages, with whoever they can find who also hangs out in places like the one we were at.

Of course, I know I will probably never see the results of my prayer, even though I planted seeds for Christ for each person, there.

But, those seeds I planted, by talking to people and praying for them, I know God will water.  He is the person who will bring fruit into the lives of each of these lost souls.

I have no doubt that Jesus loves each of those people.  I believe God will draw close to Him, those He means to save.  If I get to see this happen at some point in my life, it will be a bonus. 

I didn't do what I did for praise, or glory.  All praise and glory goes to Him.  Our Great Physician, for whom all things are possible.  Our Lord, who will never stop saving people, until He decides time is up.

As I left Average Joe's, JB walked me to the door near my van.

He hugged me as we said our goodbyes.  Again, he told me that he had never before seen such an amazing thing happen.  He reminded me that while I was hugging and praying for J, he could see her face.  He witnessed the pain, the sorrow, the heartbreak of her soul, pouring out of her. 

Once again, he commented that she has no idea what God has in store for her!  Praise God for this!

By the way, a few days later, I had lunch with JB at my favourite Italian restaurant, Franco's.  While we spoke of many things, he made it clear to me, that he would never, ever forget what happened at Karaoke that night.  And, he reminded me that God will continue to work in mysterious ways, in the lives of those who love Him.

Do you love Him?  Do you love God?  Do you love Jesus?  If you need to discuss this, please feel free to contact me.  I'd love to hear from you. 

Always remember that I love John 3:16 and Acts 16:31 of the New Testament portion of God's Word, the Bible.  Please read these verses for yourself.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Second Copy...

As I continue on from yesterday's entry, I would like to remind you that I had given a copy of my book Love Never Fails You... to the fellow I danced with, because as we danced, he told me how his life had fallen apart.

As I mentioned yesterday, a friend of his, came over later and spoke with me.  She let me know that she felt she needed to read my book, probably even more than the fellow I danced with, did.

As J told me this, she began to cry.

I stood up, in the middle of this place, filled with people enjoying themselves and hugged J. 

As we hugged, she began to tell me a little about her life.  The more she spoke, the more she cried.  From what she told me, it seemed her life felt to her like one big tragedy.

Then, I did something I never dreamed I would do, without the Lord's leading.  After telling her I would pray for her, I began praying, right there in the bar area, just feet away from the Karaoke microphone.

 J hugged me even tighter.  As I prayed into her ear, the music was playing and someone was singing, but it felt like just the two (2) of us were there, alone.

I have no idea what people thought when they saw this; when they saw the two of us hugging in the middle of this restaurant/bar, where people usually go to drink alcohol and forget their problems.  To me, it didn't matter what anyone thought, because I knew this was what God wanted me to do.

As I prayed, her sobs became louder and louder as she cried harder.  Tears, mixed with eye makeup, ran down J's face throughout the whole prayer time.  I'm surprised the music didn't stop, and someone come over to find out if she was okay.

After finishing up praying, I gave her the other copy of my book that I had on hand.

JB was blown away.  He told me that never before had he ever witnessed anything like this.  And, he commented to me that the young woman didn't have any idea what God was about to do in her life! 

Oh yes, I just realized that you have not yet seen a pic of my friend JB.  Here he is!

Here's JB, seated at Average Joe's!

Wow!  Please stay with me.  There is more to be said, yet.

Until next time...

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Gratitude and News Travels Fast...

Before I continue on telling your about that Karaoke night, there is something I must say.

Thank you to all who have been praying for my daughter and grandsons.  I appreciate your loving prayer, more than you know.  May God bless you.

In addition, I would like to thank everyone who donates blood.  Your gift of life, has been gratefully received.  Thank you.  May God bless you, always.

Gordon used to give blood, before he got really sick and later, died.  He had a rare blood type.  If for some reason he forgot to make an appointment, the Red Cross blood bank people would call him and ask him to come in.  He always did, until he himself was ill and could no longer do this.

I realize there are some people who cannot give blood.  Not just those who aren't sick, but also those who have auto-immune diseases, like MS, or Lupus and/or AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) which are diseases that develop in people who are Rheumatoid arthritic.

So, once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without your blood, my daughter may not have lived through either of these times when her hemoglobin levels were dangerously low.  May God bless you, for this.

To those who can give blood and haven't, I pray that God will put it on your heart to do so.  To help someone in need of a gift of life.  May God bless you...

Now, to begin telling you more about that Karaoke night.  The one where my friend JB was visiting in town, after flying in from out in western Canada.  The one where my daughter B met with us and other friends.  The evening where a man asked me to dance, and I did.

If you read previously about that evening you'll know that JB and most of us in the group were drinking either soda water with lemon or lime, or tea, like me!  You'll also know that I had given JB a copy of my book and our group copies of a bookmark advertising my book and websites.

Well, as the night went on, people who were friends with M at our table, came over.  It seemed like news ran throughout the place, that I had written my book Love Never Fails You...

From time to time, people came over and looked at JB's copy.  At the bar, I overheard some people talking, saying how they need to read my book.  One fellow asked me if he could buy a copy, but I had already given out two (2) copies that I had on hand, other than JB's copy.

One went to the fellow I danced with.  He told me that his life had fallen apart.  So, I signed a copy and gave it to him.  The other copy went to a friend of his.

There is much more to say about this, so I hope you'll stay tuned!

Until next time...

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Give Thanks In All Things...

When I left you yesterday, I had just left the hospital, where my daughter P was receiving her first (1st) of two (2) units of blood.  Knowing it generally takes several hours for each transfusion unit, I went home.

Even though I had trouble sleeping, I found I awoke before my alarm was due to wake me.

Immediately, I called the hospital, because I hadn't heard from P or her nurse.  I was told that they were just disconnecting her.  The Emergency (ER) nursing station told me she'd be ready to go home, shortly. 

I packed up my bathing suit, etc. and made my way to the hospital, after calling once again and being reassured that P would be ready to be signed out.  Oops, I don't think I remembered to let you know that I joined the YMCA/YWCA (Y), so I would be able to once again enjoy working out in a pool.

Today's early morning schedule showed that the Y would open later today, at 8 a.m.  My intentions were to go to the first time slot to work out.

Arriving at the hospital, I found P was not yet ready to leave.  So, I waited and waited and waited.  Eventually, about 9:30 a.m., she and I made our way to get something for her to eat and get her one of her favourites... Tim Horton's coffee! 

I was grateful P was feeling improved, even though still tired.  Please continue prayer for my daughter.  Thank you.  May God bless you...

Dropping her off at home, I left P's and did a couple of errands.  Then, I checked on the house I own in that area, near the University of Windsor.

Yuch!  Leaves covered the lawn and sidewalk, so that it felt like I was wading through them.  The worst part is that I don't even have a tree on the property! 

Oh well.  I was glad I was wearing grubbies.  It took me about an hour and a half to rake up the front lawn's leaves and bag them, for garbage collection. 

This wasn't an easy task for me, physically.  Even so, God helped me!  I thanked Him immensely, because before I had the chiropractic treatment a few weeks before Gordon's death, the treatment that gave me more ability to use my body, I couldn't have done this!

I debated about going to the Y, to work out in the pool.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  No.  Well, yes won out!  And, it was not just good for me, but relaxing, too!

Yes, I paid for doing all that later, having pain beyond belief.  But, the surprising thing for me was, that I could do it, at all!  I thank God for providing a measure of healing for me, through my chiropractor!  Thank You, Lord!

This morning, still hurting, I got myself up and got ready to go worship.  Worshipping my God, is very important to me.  He comes first in my life.

Afterwards, I picked up coffee at Tim Horton's and took it to my real estate partner C's home, where he was resting.  Yesterday, he spent most of the day and evening at the hospital.  Once again, I ask you for prayer, for C.  Again, I thank you and pray God will bless you.

After a short visit, I left to go do something else.  Since Gordon's grave is in a cemetary nearby my real estate partner's home, I made my way there.

Arriving, I installed Gordon's wreath on our grave site.  In addition, I brought a floral display that I installed on his parents' grave, nearby.

Like always, I left there crying.  Even so, I immediately praised God, because I know the battle is not mine, but His.

As I made my way towards home, I listened to a favourite preacher/teacher on the radio.  Adrian Rogers.  Even though he is in heaven, with our Lord, I feel grateful that his preaching/teaching lives on.  Thank You, Jesus!

Now, I'm debating.  Will I, or won't I go back to church for our evening service?  I think I'll let you guess what my decision was.

Until next time...

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Patience, Patients & Hugs...

Oh dear.  I pray you will have patience with me.  Previously, I promised to finish my story about the Karaoke night, but I cannot yet do this.  Hopefully, Monday will be the day!

As you know, this was a busy week for my family with birthdays.  What you probably aren't aware is that it was a busy week for hospitals, too.

Don't be concerned for me.  I am not and was not in hospital.

My daughter P, did have to drive to a London hospital, to take her son Z, whose birthday it was Thursday.  You would know this if you read the Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry for November 10th.

However, Friday morning, P met with her family doctor, regarding her son.  The specialist in London had let her know that Z has a tumour in his humerous (arm bone); if I said in his leg bone, previously, I was incorrect.  While there, she found out that the results of her latest bloodwork had come back sooner than they thought.

P's red blood cell and white blood cell counts were low, once again.  In addition, her red blood cells are larger than they should be.  Not good, from what I understand.  Of course, how P's Lupus is affecting her blood count, only God and physicians know.

In any case, once again, P's family doctor directed her to go to the Emergency department of Hotel-Dieu/Grace Hospital.  P needed to have blood transfusion(s) done, once again. 

If prayer is important to you, I would ask you to pray for my grandson Z and for my daughter P.  They both need healing.  Our Great Physician is the best at healing!  Thank you, for prayer.  I appreciate this more than you know.

We keep reading that our healthcare system is improving, but personally, I cannot see it.  Frustration is about all I feel whenever I or my family members have need to utilize our healthcare system.

P arrived at the hospital at just after 2:00 p.m. Friday.  By the time I was able to bring her coffee and something to eat, it was about 5:30 p.m.  She was still out in the waiting room.

When I left P to attend my book reading club meeting, it was just after 6:30 p.m.  She was still in the waiting room. 

Arriving back to see her after my meeting, I was grateful to see P had finally gotten called into see the ER physician.  It was about 8:30 p.m. by this time.  By now, I thought for sure she would be receiving her transfusion(s).  Yet, she still was not hooked up for the transfusion at this time.

This was truly shocking, because this time, the hospital had several hours notice to arrange for the blood to be brought into the unit.  The problem wasn't the blood department; it was just the system.  Overcrowding and not enough medical professionals is still the worst of the problem.

It was well after 9 p.m., before P was finally hooked up, receiving the first of two (2) units of blood she was to receive.

Her boyfriend arrived to change the battery in her cell phone, so she could at least play games or spend time on internet or Facebook (FB).  P`s nurses were very kind; they allowed the two (2) of us to be with her, even though only one (1) person is allowed to visit.

Surprisingly, a third (3rd) person arrived.  One of Gordon's relatives.  I hadn't seen this person in close to two (2) years.  Actually, it was nice having him, visit.

As I was leaving, I hugged and kissed P.  Then, her boyfriend.  Then, Gordon's relative.  As I was getting ready to leave, one of P's nurses had a sad look and was sniffing.  I jokingly asked if he was sad because everyone else got hugs.  He replied he was.  So, yup.  I gave him a hug, too!

Until next time...

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Friday, November 11, 2011

I Will Remember... 11/11/11 @ 11

Today is Remembrance Day.

It's the day when we remember those who fought for the cause of freedom.  Our freedom, by standing up and coming along side of those in need, for the cause of their freedom.

Even if war wasn't fought on our shores, WW1 and WW2 represented threats to us, even here in N. America.  Here in Canada. 

Had WW2 ended differently, European countries would probably not be speaking their native tongues.  Who knows?  Even here in Canada, we may have no longer been speaking English, had Hitler and his crew of Nazi's won the European front.  He may have then chosen to proceed in fulfilling his desire of conquering the world.

The above pic is the facebook (FB) profile photo I have chosen to use to remember, this year.  It shows a poppy, with words beneath, Lest We Forget.

Poppies grew in Flanders.  With the popularity of John McCrae's poem, the poppy became the symbol of Remembrance Day, for the countries of the allied forces.  The poppy is meant to be worn on the left lapel or side of your clothing, symbolizing being over your heart.

Here is a link to Wikipedia, that tells you about Canadian physician John McCrae, who wrote the poem In Flanders Fields; you can read the poem, here:

Here is a link to A Timely Video For Remembrance Day in Canada

It was amazing to me when I was recently asked by a FB friend what my profile pic was.  When I explained the poppy and what it meant, the person was surprised.

Actually, it made me realize that not everyone in this generation knows and understands that the freedom we enjoy, here in Canada, USA or any other free country, was not free.  It came at a cost.

Freedom came with sacrifice.  The ultimate sacrifice being paid by those who gave their lives fighting for my freedom and yours.

Of course, those who did not die during battle also sacrificed themselves, being separated from friends and family, and risking their lives for us.  As did those who had loved ones who fought the battles on our behalf.

Many of you who either know me personally or have read Life with Lynnie (LwL) for a while, will know that both my parents were veterans of WW2.  My dad serving in U.K., France and Belgium, with the Canadian Army.  My mom serving in Washington, D.C., USA, with the Canadian Women's Army Corp (CWAC).

Today, is a rather unique time to celebrate Remembrance Day, for it is always celebrated on November 11th, with services traditionally being held at cenotaphs and other places, at 11:00 a.m.

This means that this year Remembrance Day services were held on 11/11/11 at 11 a.m.  This was a once in a lifetime occurrence, for my life, or yours.  This year, I did not attend my local service, but rather, watched our national service on television.

Please take the time to honour our surviving veterans and those who gave their lives for you and me.  Wear your poppy.  Tell veterans and our military personnel that you appreciate their efforts.  I'm sure they will appreciate your support.

May God bless them.  And, may God bless you.

Until next time...

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Z!

Once again, I apologize for continuing to interrupt what I had been writing about a couple of days ago.  It seems this week has been a busy one, with special occasions. 

Believe me, I won't leave you hanging on much longer.  I will reveal what I have been leading up to.  Just bear with me!

Last night's sleep was rather short.  Only about two and a half (2 1/2) hours, long.

Once I awoke, I laid in bed trying to return to sleep.  All my effort was in vain.  Never, did I obtain even another moment's restful sleep.

Eventually, I got my weary body up and out of bed.

Instead of relaxing, I did some work and updated a bit on Facebook (FB).  Actually, I multi-tasked, because what I just told you about, I did while the cake I was making was baking in the oven!

Running a little late, my daughter P arrived at my apartment building.

We traded vehicles, because hers has a dangerous problem that needs to be repaired.  Her mechanic suggested she not take it on a long drive.  Since London, Ontario is about a two and a half (2 1/2) hour drive, away from here, that meant that she had to find another vehicle to use in order to drive to London, Ontario, today.

Eventually, P was off and running, or maybe I should say driving.  With her was her boyfriend and her son, Z.

Z had an appointment at a hospital in London, with a specialist.  Truly, I felt badly for my grandson, because today was a special day.  His birthday!

As they arrived back in Windsor, I got ready and went to meet them at P's home. 

All the family was there, ready to celebrate Z's 11th birthday.  In addition, his older brother D had a friend there, too.  So, the seven (7) of us enjoyed a family party!

Here's Z blowing out his candles!

Happy Birthday, Z!

Until next time...

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, B!

I know, I know.  I'm interrupting my train of thought, once again.  There is a good reason for it!

Today, is my eldest daughter's birthday!  Happy Birthday, B!

Last evening, I prepared for today's celebration.  Once again, I baked a birthday cake, iced it, and decorated it.  Of course, I had presents to deal with, too!

This morning, I had trouble reaching my daughter, as she had a busy day planned, too.  Still, after leaving her a message, where I sang Happy Birthday to her, she returned my call.  We had a short, but nice conversation.

After doing some exercise, and other work stuff, I picked up a couple of Tim Horton's New French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme cups of coffee and made my way to my real estate partner's home.  We needed to meet to review some paperwork.

Boy, is that delicious!  If you haven't yet tried one, don't wait!  Of course, the calorie content may restrict how many of these I purchase.  Maybe.  Hmmm...  I think I need to rethink my strategy!

Being near the cemetary, I visited Gordon's grave.  I stood there, wind blowing, talking with him and God.  After a few minutes, I had to leave.  The wind nearly blew me away!

It was time for me to head to work out at my friend's basement gym, anyway. 

After exercising, I stopped for gas and did an errand.  Then, it was time to head to my daughter's home.

Arriving at B's, two (2) of my grandsons came out to greet me and help me bring into the house, all that I had in tow.  Including the cake.

While we enjoyed our meal together, it was rather disappointing to me that all my grandchildren weren't home, this evening.  Oh well.  Such is life.

When we lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday, I took a pic with my daughter's cell phone.

At first, she thought the pic was blurry due to a camera problem.  At first, I thought it was a problem with the photographer, possibly shaking too much, since it was my first time using her camera phone.

After the moment, when B blew out her birthday candles, I realized that neither of us were correct.  It was simply a case, where there was so much fire and smoke, from having so many candles on the cake, that the pic wasn't blurry, but rather, it was smoky.

Here's B, along with two (2) of her sons, my grandsons, J and A!

Happy Birthday, B!

Believe it or not, even the smoke alarm went off!  lol  Next time, maybe I should bring a fire extinguisher with me! 

Oops.  Sorry, B!  I guess I shouldn't tease like that.  Just know that I love you and always will, no matter how old you become.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just Call Me... Desperado...

A couple of days ago, in my Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about how I had been having an evening out at Karaoke, with friends.  This came about because a friend who now lives out in western Canada, was home and wanted to get together with friends to visit and have some fun.

You may also have read that while at Karaoke,and while I was feeling sad about being there without Gordon, a man asked me to dance; I did.  In fact, we danced I believe three (3) times.  The human contact felt good.

Before I continue any further, there's something I must say.

If you know me, or if you have read enough about me, you'll know that sometimes God speaks to me through music.  It has always seemed that whenever I prayed for some issues, God would place songs on my heart and mind; at times, I would even wake up singing the songs.

Usually, the lyrics had some meaning that applied to the issue at hand.

You are probably aware that I had been praying for a long time, that God would heal me from grief and help me to be able to move forward with my life.  From time to time, God placed one song on my heart and mind.  Every time I thought about the song, I just couldn't bring myself to even consider the lyrics.

The song came over and over again.  Until finally, I was waking up with it every single morning.  At least, until around the time that I decided I needed to remove Gordon's clothing from my home. 

As I said, over the course of the last few weeks, almost every day I've awoken with a song on my heart.  No, it's not a Christian song, but then, God doesn't always use Christian music to speak to me.  Sometimes, secular songs fill the bill, as seemed to be the case with this particular song.

The song is Desperado.  Here's a link to the song:  The lyrics are below.

"Desperado" by the Eagles
Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
You been out ridin' fences for so long now
Oh, you're a hard one
I know that you got your reasons
These things that are pleasin' you
Can hurt you somehow

Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy
She'll beat you if she's able
You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet

Now it seems to me, some fine things
Have been laid upon your table
But you only want the ones that you can't get

Desperado, oh, you ain't gettin' no younger
Your pain and your hunger, they're drivin' you home
And freedom, oh freedom well, that's just some people talkin'
Your prison is walking through this world all alone

Don't your feet get cold in the winter time?
The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine
It's hard to tell the night time from the day
You're losin' all your highs and lows
Ain't it funny how the feeling goes away?

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
Come down from your fences, open the gate
It may be rainin', but there's a rainbow above you
You better let somebody love you, (let somebody love you)

You better let somebody love you, before it's too late

Obviously, I have not finished writing what I want to say, so I'll continue, tomorrow.  See you, then!

Until next time...

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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Human Touch...

Hmmm... Are you as surprised as I have been over recent incidents in my life?

If you haven't yet read recent entries in Life with Lynnie (LwL), you may want to do so.  You're in for a shock!  Well, after all, if I was shocked, why wouldn't you be?!

Of course, I am referring to the fact that while enjoying time with a friend who now lives out in western Canada, along with some other friends, a fellow I didn't know came and asked me to dance. 

Okay, some of you might wonder why that was shocking.  First, let me say that any time I have ever been at Karaoke, I have never, ever seen anyone dancing!  But mostly, I was shocked that anyone would ask me to dance. 

From the looks on the faces of others in our group, including my daughter, they were as shocked as I was!

In any case, as you would know if you read previous LwL entries, you'll know that I did dance.  Not once, but three (3) times with this man.

A friend asked me if this fellow asked me for my phone number; I replied that he had not.  He did however, ask me if I would like to attend the Halloween party at this same location.  I replied I would not attend.

To be honest, if I fell over this man or bumped into him on the street, I wouldn't probably even know it.  I can't even tell you what he looked like.  My mind went blank, being so shocked.

What I did notice was that when we danced, I thought I would feel awkward, because while seated, I had been feeling heartbroken and quite lonely again, about Gordon being dead.  Instead, I found that it felt good touching and being touched by another human being.

While I was up dancing, there was stuff happening around our table.

A female friend of the fellow I was dancing with came over to our table and was talking with my friends.  Other people came over.

There is more to be said about this, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Please stay tuned.  I'm sure you'll find it very surprising!

Until next time...

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Best Interests!

I apologize for interrupting my story, but I will continue it, tomorrow.

Today, is Sonday.  It's my Lord's day.

Today, is also the day when we changed our clocks back one (1) hour at 2:00 a.m..  Now we are on EST (Eastern Standard Time) and not Daylight Savings Time.

Last night's sleep wasn't very good, actually.  While I am sure I must have dozed off at some point through the night, I laid awake in my bed, mostly.

When I finally couldn't stand lying there anymore, I got myself up, got ready for church and went on Facebook (FB) for a while.  Eventually, I made my way across town to church.

If you've been a reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that I not only love worship, but adore worshipping on the first (1st) Sunday of each month.  Communion Sunday.  And, yes; it was wonderful!

After church, I did a couple of errands, including checking on the house I own, near my church. 

Across the street and up a few homes, lives a couple that I recently spoke with by telephone.  Neither the husband, nor the wife, are originally from Canada.  The husband is from Europe and the wife is from Indonesia.  English is not the first language of either of them.

During our previous telephone conversation, we discussed the fact that my book Love Never Fails You...  is now published and available.  The husband told me that he feels his wife should write her life's story, but realizes they would need someone to write it in English, because neither of them could do so.

In any case, we had agreed that I would drop by and discuss some of the issues with them.  Today, was the day.  More discussions may take place in the future, God willing.

I really couldn't tell whether or not the wife knows the Lord, but during this conversation and during a previous conversation, I wondered if she did.  I can tell you for sure that her husband is definitely an atheist, who admittedly hates Christianity as well as all other religions.

I'm sure you can guess that I will be praying for this couple, as I have done in the past.  Hopefully, you too, will pray for them and all who are lost and without hope, all who do not know and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

Making a stop at my real estate partner's home, we conversed over a couple of cups of coffee.  Of course, with the cemetary being close to his home, I made my way there, to visit Gordon's grave, on my way home.  Why I still do this, I don't know!  But, I do.

Enroute home, the Lord put it on my heart to stop at a store, where I had previously returned an insured DVR/VCR unit that wasn't any longer working.  At the time of the return, I was issued a credit for the amount, to be used only at this particular store.

Yesterday, the Lord had put it on my heart to check on-line and see if they had any DVR/VCR combination units, because they don't always have them in stock.  Their website told me they did!

After selecting the item, I went to cash out.  After locating the credit slip in my wallet, I looked at the information on the credit note.  My heart almost gave way, when I realized that today was the last day I could even use the credit note.

Believe me when I say that I praised God and thanked Jesus!  I hadn't realized it had to be used, by today.  But, God knew.  And, He made sure I didn't miss out on using the close to $100 voucher!  I felt blessed, for sure.

He never ceases to amaze me.  He always has my best interests at heart.  Even when I sometimes feel like life isn't the way I would like it to be.

Until next time...

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is This A Joke?

Were you shocked reading the end of yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry?

Believe me when I say that at first I didn't know what to do.  I'm certainly not used to being single once again and having something like this happen!

As I mentioned, my daughter B and I had just hugged goodbye.  I sat down.  She went to get her coat on.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and a voice saying something I hadn't heard in many, many years, "Would you like to dance?".

Since the fellow speaking was behind me and to my right side, I couldn't see him.  My daughter looked at me.  She looked shocked.  Her eyes looked like saucers! 

I looked over at JB.  His mouth was open, but he was saying nothing.  He too looked like he was in shock.  Like B's, his eyes looked like saucers!

It's probably a good thing I couldn't see my own face, because the truth is, I almost fainted!

Because I hadn't accepted the invitation immediately, this fellow once again touched me.  He laid his hand on my right shoulder, leaned into me, close to my ear and said, "Please dance with me!".

As I said, I couldn't see this person.  Even so, I got up from my chair.  He took my hand.  He twirled me in a circle and we began to dance.

At first, I was speechless.

Then, he spoke to me.  The first thing he said was, "You smell WONDERFUL!  I'm a sucker for a woman who smells good."  I laughed. 

Then, he introduced himself.  His name was G.

My first thought was, is this some kind of a joke, Lord?

Okay, I realize I probably haven't written about this, but a while ago, while I was doing laundry, I ran into a fellow who I had seen around my apartment building from time to time.  He said hello and we spoke for a few minutes.

Within a few sentences, I realized this man was stressed and seemed lonely.  He couldn't seem to stop talking about his problems, including the fact that his mother was ill and lived far away.

His name was also G.  Like the dancer.  Like my first (1st) husband.

In any case, I prayed with G in the laundry room and we began to part ways.  As I went to exit, G reached out, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. 

Be still my heart!

He had tears in his eyes, telling me that no one had ever prayed like that for him and/or his mom.  He could hardly talk.  After making sure he was once again calm, I left and went to my apartment.

Okay.  Back to the dancing.  As I said, I was absolutely shocked over the whole incident of being invited to dance.  It certainly wasn't something that I expected.

Well, there is more to this story, but I cannot finish writing about it, now.  Hope you'll stay with me.

Until next time...

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Out Of Place?

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that JB, a friend of mine who now lives out in western Canada, was visiting at home here, in Windsor.  He had called me to let me know that a bunch of friends were going to meet at Average Joes, where there was Karaoke on that Wednesday after our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

JB knows that I am not a bar person.  I don't go to bars, except for a special reason.  That Wednesday was a special day, for I knew it would be several months at least, before I had a chance to see JB, again.

Since I had been relaxing, ready for bedtime, I got myself up from my recliner chair and got ready to go.  All the while getting dressed and prepared to go out, I just couldn't believe I was doing this.

Off I went.  Since our meeting place was only a few minutes drive from home, I arrived there, quickly. 

I must admit, it felt really strange walking into a place like this, even if it is considered to be a restaurant/bar, because I felt rather out of place.  Glancing around the room, I immediately spotted JB.  He saw me enter and waived at me.

Many people who said they were going to join him, didn't.  Even so, when I arrived, JB was seated next to a fellow who used to worship at my church J.  Across from him was a woman who I met for the first time, M.

Within a few minutes, my daughter B, arrived.  She sat next to M.

We had a good time, chatting and reconnecting.  Singing, too.

Well, at least M and I had a good time, singing.  No one else at the table wanted to get up in front of the small group of people who were in the place.  Oh well, it was fun for at least some of us.

Knowing I wasn't sure if I would see JB again, before he left to return out west, I brought him a copy of my book Love Never Fails You... and a bookmark for him and the others at the table.  Of course, I didn't expect he would read it at that time, but I wanted to make sure he had a copy.

Other people sang Karaoke.  Some with good voices and some with great voices!  Including M!

I must mention that only one person in our group partaked in alcoholic beverages.  The rest of us didn't.

One person ordered some food to share with the group.  I thought it was very nice of J, but I didn't indulge.

All the others in the group were drinking water with lemon or lime.  I drank tea. 

Okay.  Go ahead.  Laugh!

Actually, I thought the waitress would be upset, but she wasn't.  And, of course, we greatly tipped her!  But, more than this, she was a friend of M's.

Apparently, M goes there almost every Wednesday evening.  So, the waitress is used to having at least one group of people who do not drink alcohol!  Praise God!

Something happened that was a real shocker!  I cannot tell you the whole story at this time, so you'll have to tune-in, tomorrow.  I will say that it shocked my daughter B, who was just getting ready to leave our group.  And, it shocked JB.  But, the person it shocked most, was me!

Just as my daughter stood up to leave, a fellow came over to our group and tapped me on the shoulder, and asked me to dance.

See you, tomorrow!

Until next time...

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well, blow me down.  I cannot believe I forgot to tell you about something that happened, at least two (2) weeks ago, or longer!  Forgive me, please.

It may make you laugh, or it may make you cry.  I'm not really sure how you will view it, because the reality is, I was in such shock that I myself, really don't know how to look upon this.

In any case, it was the Wednesday after I had returned from my trip out of town, where I took copies of my book Love Never Fails You... to Good Books Christian Bookstore, in Oakville, Ontario.  If you recall, I had also taken my deceased husband Gordon's clothing with me on the trip, giving it to friends and relatives.

It was also only a short time after deciding that in order to be able to adjust better to life without my hubbie and in order to be able to move on in life, I had to make decisions that would enable me to take steps forward.  Even if they were baby steps.

Mid evening on that Wednesday, I was quietly watching television, thinking how boring life truly was.  My phone rang.  A familiar voice was on the other end of the line.  It was B, whose name is really J even if we call him B, but for the sake of this entry, I will call him JB.

If you've read past entries, you'll know that JB was a good friend to myself and to my late husband, who died just over two (2) years ago.  That wasn't why he was calling. 

You see, he had moved out west about a year and a half ago, but comes home to Windsor, from time to time, to visit friends and relatives.  Well, this was one of those times, when JB was here to catch up with everyone important in his life.

Hearing his voice reminded me that I had heard from him through Facebook (FB), that he was to be in town that week.  Here, I had totally forgotten, being totally consumed with the issues of my life that had occurred that previous weekend and that particular week.

I was thrilled to hear JB's voice!

After a minute or two (2) of discussing the joy of having him in town, he told me that if I wasn't dressed and ready to go out and have some fun, I should get myself ready, to go out.  I was directed to meet him, along with some other of his friends, at a local place that used to be owned by the Knights of Columbus (K of C, as it was known to all in the area), but was now known by another name.  Average Joes.

Average Joes, is a nearby restaurant and pub-style bar.  I had actually been in the building the night before, for our apartment building's membership meeting, because they have a hall large enough to seat 600 people or more, when our building does not.  But, I had not been in the restaurant/bar area before.

At first, I thought JB was joking.  After all, we are Christians who do not usually hang out in places such as these. 

Then, JB explained that one of his friends enjoys Karaoke and had suggested everyone meet there.  Knowing that I like to sing, JB thought it was a great idea.

He let me know about some of the people who were to meet him, there.  One of them, being my eldest daughter, B. 

At first, I laughed, thinking he was pulling my leg.  However, after more conversation, I came to realize that because JB and B had become FB friends, my daughter was indeed going to be there.

How funny was that, I thought?!  After all, who wants to go out partying with their mom?

Thinking and praying only took a minute or two (2).  I agreed to meet everyone, there.  

Since I have some truly interesting stuff to talk about tomorrow, I hope you'll stay tuned.

Until next time...

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