Sunday, October 2, 2011

Worship Getaway! Freedom!

There's been so much to write about and discuss, that I have been negligent in telling you about my comings and goings!  And, I almost forgot to tell you about my outing last Sunday!

On Sunday, September 25, 2011, my friend J and I decided to not worship at our normal places of worship, with our usual church families.  Instead, we did something different.

J knew how I really miss my previous pastor, who now lives in Michigan, USA and leads a new church family, in Bloomfield Hills, a sort of suburb of Detroit area.  J knew my ex-pastor even as a child, so together, we decided to make an international excursion and worship at Pastor D's church, Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church.

It had been decided that J would drive this time, so she picked me up about 8:30 a.m.  We both had googled to obtain directions on how to get to the church, for neither of us had been there, previously.  After reviewing them both, we looked at the map and decided to not take local streets, but rather to head up I-75 and find our own way.

We had no trouble finding the church.  In fact, we arrived close to a half hour early.

It was a lovely building where Pastor D's new church family worships.  I say new, even though he has been gone from my church for at least a couple of years. 

J and I were welcomed by many people.  Actually, this was shocking to me, because even at my own church, I couldn't recall being welcomed by as many people as we had been that Lord's day!

We sat in a pew in front of D's wife R's mom; R's dad was singing with the choir that day, just as he had done previously, at my church.  Later, I was able to greet him, as well as R, who joined her parents for the duration of the service.

Both before and after the worship service, I was able to speak with D.  And, I was grateful.  What a great, great pastor D is.  A great preacher/teacher.  I know that in the past, I had been truly blessed to have been led and taught by Pastor D.  Thank You, Lord!

Afterwards, J and I headed back to downtown Detroit.  Instead of taking I-75, as we had done on our way to the church building, we decided to take the scenic route.

As we headed south on Woodward Ave., we chuckled and discussed how we should have made this trip on an evening when the Dream Cruise was happening!  For anyone who has never heard of Woodward Dream Cruise, I hope you'll enjoy this link:

Eventually, we made our way to Mexican Town Restaurant, our favourite place for Mexican food!

It sure was yummy!  While J experimented with a new adventure, ordering something she hadn't tried previously, I ordered my usual. 

I suppose you can tell I am a creature of habit.  My normal plan is to try various dishes until I decide I've found the best one.  Then, it becomes my old stand by, the dish I relate to that particular restaurant.  The entree I usually order when finding myself seated, and ordering a delectable treat! 

Well, our tummy's sure were grumbling as we entered this favourite haunt of ours, but they sure weren't by the time we left!

Instead of crossing through the tunnel as we had done on our way over to Michigan, USA, we returned to Canada via the Ambassador Bridge.  Isn't it wonderful having freedom?!  Wow!

You've heard me say it before, and you'll probably hear me say it again, that I am grateful for freedom.  It isn't free, however.  It comes at a cost.  The cost paid by those who have fought for freedom.  Freedom that some people take for granted.  Well, I certainly am glad I am not one of them.

Of course, we also enjoy a different kind of freedom.  Freedom that can only come from having salvation, received by trusting/believing on the Lord, Jesus Christ.  This freedom also came at a cost, even though it is free to you and me.  Christ paid the price, on a wooden cross at Calvary, so we who believe on Him, could have freedom that could only come from God's love for us.

If you aren't yet saved, please e-mail me or contact me through Facebook (FB); I'd love to discuss this with you.  Please don't put it off, for today is the day of salvation.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

While it had been a lovely, close to five (5) hour getaway adventure for J and I, we both agreed that there is just something comforting about arriving home.  Especially, safely!

Until next time...

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