Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Speaking Up!

Writing in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry about how the moon was trying to shine through the clouds, I was convinced that due to the cloud cover, I would not be able to see the full moon. 

I was mistaken.  Shortly after I posted the entry, the cloud cover seemed to roll away, revealing a beautiful full moon! 

I am so very grateful that my swivel recliner chair is positioned directly next to my balcony door, because while no matter what else I am doing, whether reading, writing, working on my computer or watching television, all I have to do is look outside to see that beautiful sight. Once again, I was able to see not just the moon shining brightly, but was able to see the glorious sight of the moonlight glistening on the water. 

How relaxing.  Peaceful.  Thank You, Lord!

Yesterday, I also mentioned that I am not really happy with how my daughter was treated at the hospital. 

Many people may feel like this, but are afraid to speak up.  Of course, anyone who knows me, knows that I believe we must all speak up.  Otherwise, how can we expect change to happen?

There is another family who is speaking up, even if it is the media doing the distribution of information.  Baby Joseph's family.

The Windsor Star, Wednesday, October 5, 2011, article entitled:  Baby Joseph's family seeks probe

Baby Joseph is the infant whose parents wanted him die at home, rather than at the hospital. 

The hospital didn't want the parents to have control over the future of their son; they insisted they were to be in control and wanted things handled their way, with no care or concern for Joseph's parents' desires. 

It mattered not that Joseph's parents had suffered through this very same ordeal previously, with another child who also had died from the disease that controlled the fate of both their children.  No matter what was done or not done, the outcome would have been the same for Baby Joseph. 

The only difference was who was in control of how and when and how he would die.

Those who believed they were medically in control, insisted that Baby Joseph's breathing tube be removed at the hospital, so he could die, there.  Their refusal to do a tracheotomy, allowing for Joseph to breathe on his own, until he died, created quite a situation.

For those who don't know, Baby Joseph's parents had to fight legally for their rights to protect their son from having his life ended.  After all, having no tracheotomy meant that if the hospital staff removed his breathing tube at the hospital, he would suffocate, for the breathing tube was the only way he could breathe.

Wasn't it bad enough, that like many other people in our province, they had to drive a couple of hours or more, just to receive medical care at a hospital?  Then, to be treated this way!  Oh well, that is a topic for another time...

Knowing they wanted Joseph to be able to die at home, I would have thought the hospital staff would have decided to do the right thing and allow the tracheotomy, in order to allow the family more time with their son and allow him to die at home.

Instead, this didn't happen.  They had to take Joseph to U.S.A., where the procedure was done on their son.  It did indeed extend the baby's life by several months.  I am sure those months are a blessing to Baby Joseph's parents.

Since there is more to be said, I must continue, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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