Thursday, October 20, 2011

Help! I'm Lost!

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I packed up Gordon's clothing.

All last week, I sorted and packed up everything I decided to give away.  And, loaded it all in my van.  By last Friday, I was done.

This wasn't my reason for heading out of town.  In reality, there was a totally different reason for going out of town last weekend.  I needed to drop off some copies of my book Love Never Fails You... at an Oakville Christian bookstore and make an effort to place more books at other stores. 

Since I was having to go to Oakville and Brampton, I decided I should also stop in Milton, where my friends H & N live.  Also, I travelled to Guelph, where my brother B lives.

Considering I don't often get up to that neck of the woods, I knew in my heart that since I was heading up there on business, I needed to be able to take Gordon's clothing with me and complete this heartbreaking task once and for all.  Some went to N and some went to my brother B, for himself and some for his son-in-law.

Think this strange?  Well, if you know me, I try to multi-task whenever possible.

Besides, I knew that if I didn't do this when I had the opportunity to do so, then I probably wouldn't do it at all.  Meaning, take this opportunity to address the issue of Gordon's clothing.  After all, if I was having to head up there, why not take it with me!

Last Friday evening, I was totally exhausted.  Worn out.  Emotionally drained.  Physically done in.

Even so, when I went to get some sleep earlier than normal, I just couldn't sleep.  By the time 1:00 a.m. arrived, I got myself up and baked some muffins to take with me, because I knew I was making several stops enroute to the bookstore in Oakville.  I hoped that once that task was done, that I had originally planned to do immediately prior to leaving home, I would be able to fall asleep.

Nope.  It didn't happen.  By about 3:15 a.m., I was so angry and fed up with myself, I got up for the day.

After showering, packing up my personal bag and some food and water to take with me, I headed out.  By the time I reached Hwy. #401, it was about 5:00 a.m.

Off I went, heading to my first stop, just south of St. Thomas.  Gordon's friend B lives there.  Even though I knew B was away, I knew I could drop off something to him at his home.

The directions I googled didn't tell me that after I turned onto his road and crossed a rickety metal, single lane bridge I would find myself in a dark area where the road was blocked off.  I retraced my route, once again crossing over the bridge. 

Realizing it would take an extensive amount of time to head back to Hwy. #401, I decided I would have to head into Port Stanley in an effort to find another access route.  Good luck, trying to find a store or something open at 7:15 a.m.! 

I prayed for help.  God answered my prayer, almost immediately. 

At a 4-way stop, I flagged down a car.  It was the only car I had seen in miles!  The driver must have thought I was crazy at first, but laughed heartily when I waved my arm at him, claiming I was lost and needed help.  He replied that no one could possibly be lost in Port Stanley! 

In reality, this fellow was right.  I knew where I was, so I wasn't truly lost; I just didn't know how to get to where I needed to be!

When I replied that I wasn't supposed to be in Port Stanley and explained the situation, he was very helpful.  He chuckled as he leafed through a map book in his vehicle.  Within a few minutes, I was on my way! 

When I read the name on the rural mailbox at B's home, I knew I had found where I was supposed to be!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus! 

I'm sure you realize there is more to be said.  It will have to wait until tomorrow!

Until next time...

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