Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, A!

Even though I haven't yet finished writing about last week, I feel I absolutely must interrupt the natural course of Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries.  Today, is a special day!

It's my grandson A's birthday! 

Happy Birthday, A!

Unable to sleep last night through the night, I was up icing and decorating A's birthday cake until close to 3:00 a.m.  By the time I was finished doing this loving task, I was extremely tired and was sure I would be able to go to sleep, once I climbed into bed.

In my dreams!  Nope.  Please understand, I am not saying I dreamt, because I didn't.  In fact, I didn't even fall asleep, at all.  Consequently, I dragged myself around all day, today.  Oh well, such is life!

In addition to all I needed to accomplish today, I managed to finish packaging up Christmas gifts and copies of my book Love Never Fails You... that needed to go overseas.  On my way over to my daughter B's home, I mailed everything!

Well, I was elated and happy, until the clerk told me that I had been told the wrong cut-off date for guaranteed delivery to Europe.  Previously, I told November 2nd was the date; today, I found out that in reality, the cut-off date was two (2) days ago.  Great!  Hopefully, it won't make any difference. 

I am praying that what happened a few years back doesn't happen this year.  Almost every year, my relatives receive their gifts well before Christmas.  With the exception of that one year, when I mailed them in October and they didn't receive them until the end of January, about a month late for Christmas!

Arriving at B's, I found some of my grandsons home with my granddaughter, A.  My daughter and our birthday boy were out shopping, but returned home shortly after.

Once again, we feasted on pizza, before lighting birthday candles on the cake, singing Happy Birthday to A, watching him blow out candles and savouring the chocolate cake with chocolate icing!  Mmmm... it sure was good!

Of course, receiving his birthday card and gift from me was a very important part of A's birthday!  He seemed very happy, indeed.

Hopefully, we all enjoyed our time together as much as A enjoyed celebrating his birthday!  Once again, I wish you a very Happy Birthday, A!  Please remember that Jesus loves you... and so does Grandma!

Until next time...

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