Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, D!

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I overdid it, physically.

Lifting box after box, after box of copies of my book Love Never Fails You..., moving them out of my livingroom wasn't an easy job.  Before I did this task, I prayed God would help me; He did.

Afterwards, my body was riddled with pain; again, I prayed and asked you to pray.  Thank you, to all who prayed.  I cannot thank you, enough.  God answered my prayer.  By this morning, I was able to walk without being in agony.  Thank You, Lord!

Being my Lord's day, as I do on every Sonday, I went to worship.  Instead of going to the cemetary afterwards, as per normal, I went to the cemetary, before worship service.

We had a guest speaker/preacher, today.  He was a very interesting speaker to listen to.  Not only was his sermon wonderful, but he had a great sense of humour.

Some people actually knew this gentleman, personally.  Although he pastors a church in Hamilton today, he was originally from Windsor.  Growing up nearby, he attended my church, and became saved, while worshipping, here.

So, for this Christian orator, speaking this weekend was like returning home for a visit!

Afterwards, I did an errand, while on my way to my daughter P's home.  As I was about to leave the store I was shopping at, I heard a familiar voice; my daughter's!  We shared a good laugh and both finished up what we needed to do.

At P's home, we visited for a while, before celebrating my grandson D's birthday.  Here he is, blowing out his birthday cake candles!

Happy Birthday, D!

Sorry the pic isn't perfect.  No, I didn't take the photo this time, because just as with the last birthday I celebrated with one of my grandsons a few days ago, I forgot my camera.  In any case, I thank you P, for this pic!  I'm grateful to have it!

Who ever said life was perfect?  It's not.  But today, sharing birthday cake with my grandson and his/our family, was a true blessing.  Okay, okay.  For clarification purposes, I did make the cake, but I wasn't referring to cake; rather, to sharing time with my family.

Until next time...

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