Monday, October 3, 2011


In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about what I did Sunday, a week ago.  Today, I'm writing about what I did on my Lord's day, yesterday.

As per normal for me, I awoke early, relaxed and got ready to go worship.

How grateful I am that the house I own on Windsor's west side, is close to my church, for my intention was as it is regularly, to go check on the house.  Yup, it was still standing!

Worshipping my God was wonderful, just as it usually is.  However, being the first (1st) Sonday of the month, our service was a little different than normal, and longer.  We celebrated communion, the Lord's supper, whatever you want to call it!

To some people this doesn't mean much, but to me, it's an absolutely glorious thing to do!

Afterwards, I dropped off some things at my daughter P's home.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see her.

Making my way to the cemetary, to visit Gordon's grave, was a more difficult task than normal.  Traffic was terrible!  Still, the extra time it took gave me time to think.  Anyone who knows me, knows that my mind never seems to stop.

The cemetary was as lonely a place as I have ever seen it.  No vehicles did I come across, nor did I even see the whole time I was there. 

It actually made me feel bad for the souls of all who are buried there.  Hopefully, they were loved more in life, than they are in death.

In any case, I stood at Gordon's grave, talking to him, talking to God and feeling sorrowful, with tears streaming down my cheeks, once again.

Instead of heading directly home, I continued eastbound along the old Hwy. #3, and turned at the cut-off for Maidstone.  That's not where I was going, but it is the best road I know of from that area, to take as a short-cut to Essex.

It only took me about 15 minutes to get from the cemetary to Grace Baptist Church, in Essex.  I was grateful that I made it in such quick order, because I didn't want to be late for the worship service due to begin at 1:30 p.m.

Parking was easy.  I went to enter one of the front doors, but found it locked.  The other side seemed like a mirror twin, even to being locked.

Back I went, and tried the side door.  It was open!  Immediately upon entering, my eyes connected with some friends I had hoped to see, there! 

Everyone was just beginning to enjoy dessert, so my friends invited me to join them in selecting tasty treats.  I did so, willingly!  After all, did you ever see a diabetic person, who didn't like dessert?!

Afterwards, we all headed into the sanctuary.  How I enjoy worshipping with this group of believers! 

I love the way they sing the old hymns and sing Amen... at the end of each one.  Not to mention that everyone seems to be like one big family.  Just the way I believe worship should be...  like one family gathering, to honour and adore our God!

Before leaving after the service, I took time to chat with the pastor and his wife.  They have a way of making me feel so very welcome.  I had promised them that once my book was published, I would bring them a copy.  Well, yesterday was the day.

The pastor looked at the cover and proudly pointed out to his wife, that the topic of my book Love Never Fails You... is about overcoming life's trials and grief.  His eyes gleamed, explaining to me that he was sorry I had missed their morning service, for that was precisely the topic of his sermon.

Wow!  This made my heart sink, realizing that I would have loved to have heard his sermon.  To be honest, if I ever decided to discontinue worshipping at my own church, I would probably be drawn to worship with this group.  Words cannot explain what makes me feel so good, worshipping with them; I just feel at home, there.

In any case, I headed towards my home, stopping at my daughter B's.  Just as what happened at P's, I didn't get to see B, or her family.  Even so, I dropped off the items I had for her and headed home.

Until next time...

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