Friday, October 21, 2011

Ding! Ding! Ding!

As you would know if you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, last Saturday, I embarked on a business trip. 

Enroute to Oakville and Brampton, I made some personal stops.  Like the one I wrote about in yesterday's entry, south of St. Thomas area.  The one, where I needed to obtain assistance for, in locating the property I was headed to.

When I left B's property, I once again made a decision to not drive what seemed to be out of my way, just to reach the highway system.  Instead, I found the old Ontario Hwy. #3 and made my way to Waterdown.

Arriving about 9:15 a.m. at the address I had been given, my Facebook (FB) friend I and her husband K enjoyed some muffins I brought with me from home, along with a cup of coffee.  They were visiting in Canada for a few weeks, staying with friends who live in Waterdown.  I & K are from Germany. 

After a short visit, with my German friends and their hostess, I made my way to Oakville.  It was such a blessing to me to reach Good Books Christian Bookstore!

Of course, you'll probably be thinking!  After all, I was dropping off some copies of my book Love Never Fails You...

However, that wasn't the only reason I was happy to be there.  It turns out that many of the people who work at that Christian bookstore, know some of my Christian friends and contacts, in Windsor!  All in all, it was a blessing to speak with the ladies.

When heading towards Guelph, where I was to stay overnight with my brother, I stopped at another address in Oakville.  There I saw a childhood friend for the first (1st) time in about 19 years!

M and I visited, enjoying a cup of tea, before her husband arrived home.  Then, the three (3) of us conversed for a while.  I hope they enjoyed the visit as much as I did!  (Muffins, too!)

All throughout the day, and even during my drive towards Guelph, I kept thanking God for giving me the ability to drive after not having slept, the night before.  Believe it or not, I didn't feel the least bit sleepy, even if I felt quite tired.

One thing that clearly kept me awake was the fact that I thought I had plenty of gasoline (petrol, to you who live in Europe!), but found I didn't.  I thought for sure, I had enough fuel to get to my brother's area. 

It was shocking to watch my guage show less and less fuel.  At first, I wondered why I seemed to be using more fuel than normal.  Then, it hit me!  I realized that back home in Windsor, we are a relatively flat area, geographically speaking.  In my brother's neck of the woods, it is quite a hilly area.  Hills, mean more fuel usage!

By the time I neared my brother's street, I had been looking for somewhere to obtain fuel, for many, many miles/kilometers.  No gas stations were to be found. 

Now, please realize, I was not travelling on some back road in nowheresville.  I was travelling on main roads.  Much to my dismay, there seemed to be nowhere to obtain fuel.

Passing my brother's street, I went in search of somewhere to gas up.  Quite a distance away, as I climbed another hill, I saw a 7-11 Convenience store sign.  They have a gas bar!  Praise God!   Was I happy.  Especially since my guage reading was so low that the dinging was making me nervous.

Then, I noticed the fencing.  Oh, no!  The tanks were being dug up and either replaced or removed.  In any case, no fuel was available for me, there.

Further and further north I went, until I finally followed a vehicle into a plaza, circled around them as they parked and asked the driver, "Doesn't Guelph have any gas stations?".  That kind person explained to me that the city was closing down many of their gas stations and directed me to where I could get some fuel.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

Finally, after filling my tank, I made my way to my brother's home.  All the while, breathing a sigh of relief and repeatedly praising my Lord for keeping a hedge of protection around me.

Yup, there's more to tell you.  Stay tuned, please!

Until next time...

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