Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Blessed Dolly...

Hopefully, you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry.  If you did, you'll know that as I was driving home from a business trip to drop off copies of my book Love Never Fails You... at Good Books Christian Bookstore in Oakville, Ontario, with personal stops along the way, I thought about what I should do with Gordon's dresser.  The one he loved so very much, because his grandfather had built it.

You'll also know that I recalled chatting with a family member of Gordon's recently, on Facebook (FB).  This person apologized to me for treating me badly, a couple of months after Gordon died, resulting in no contact at all, until recently.

While driving, I made the decision that I would contact Gordon's relative by messaging on FB.  So, after I arrived home, I made sure I did exactly that.  Within a day or two, I received a reply.  His relative wanted Gordon's dresser!

I praised God and thanked Jesus.

I was so-o very happy, because I just could not continue looking at the dresser.  It broke my heart whenever my eyes gazed upon it, because I was reminded of Gordon and how he loved it.

We made arrangements for me to drop off the dresser to Gordon's relative. 

What I haven't yet told you, is that while driving, I also decided that I would use the storage unit my friends H & N (from Milton) gave me to bring to Windsor.  After all, removing Gordon's dresser would leave a void in my room.  This way, I had something to fill the void; something that I could put to good use.

Upon arriving home, I called my friend K, who used to live across the hall, but recently moved to another unit, on the east side of the building.  She let me know that due to her recent move, she still had in her possession a dolly that would make it much easier for me to bring in the storage unit and take out, the dresser.

Wow!  How God provides.  Not just that there was a dolly available for me to use, because by contacting our office, I could have used one that someone donated to our service office. 

This dolly was different.  Most have 2 wheels and you have to strap stuff onto it, or at the very least, lean the dolly backwards, to ensure whatever you're carrying is securely in place.  This dolly was like a flat platform, with 4 wheels.  Never before had I seen one like this.

Was I ever grateful for this dolly!  And, what a blessing it was to me!

After bringing my van around to the front door, I removed the storage unit from my van, placing it onto this unusual dolly.  It certainly made the task much easier than I expected!

Once I brought it into my apartment, I had to lift out of my bedroom, the drawers of Gordon's dresser.  Then, because I could not use the dolly to take the dresser out of my bedroom, I had to lift it and move it physically out of my bedroom. 

Phew!  Not only was this a struggle, but I still have bruises to show for my efforts.  Not to mention how my neck, shoulder and back have been hurting. 

Getting out to where I could lift it onto the dolly, I easily moved it downstairs and went through the arduous task of loading it into my van. 

Thank You, Lord!  I know I could not have accomplished this without You.  And, without all the healing I have received through chiropractic treatment, which I believe You provided for me!

Then, came the rain.

This meant that I drove around for several days, with my van loaded with two (2) dressers and all the drawers that went with them!  Eventually, the weather improved and I was able to deliver Gordon's dresser to his relative and the other dresser to the person who was receiving it.

I am thankful God helped me do this.  I praise God and thank Jesus!  As I said, I could not have done this without Him.  Not physically, not emotionally, not at all.

Until next time...

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