Monday, October 17, 2011

A Babe Magnet?

When I finished yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I mentioned that Gordon was a babe magnet.

You may be wondering if I am making this up.  I'm not.  You also may be wondering if I am a jealous type person.  I'm not.  And, it was a very good thing, too!

All you had to do was be around Gordon for a short time, and you would see just exactly what I mean.

There were times when women would appear to melt just looking at him.  On many occasions, some even hung onto his arm, commenting to me about how handsome Gordon was.

One time, Gordon didn't know what to do, so he just sat there and did nothing.  Actually, I was just as shocked as he was.  So, my response was the same.

On this particular occasion, we were able to both attend my realtor Christmas dinner/dance (now they call it a winter gala, to be politically correct!).  There were some years, he wasn't able to attend with me, because he had to work. 

On this particular year, we were both dressed for the occasion, with me in a gown and Gordon in a tuxedo.  We were seated at the table, side by side.  A fellow realtor came over to speak with us.  Both Gordon and I had known her for many years, and had both done business with her, before I obtained my real estate license.

Instead of just greeting us with a hug, kiss or a friendly hello, something rather shocking happened.  We suspected our mutual friend may have had a glass or two (2) too much of wine, for neither of us ever dreamed she would do what she did.

She stood behind Gordon, leaning up against the back of his head.  As she slid her arms down his shoulders onto his chest area, his head seemed to become lodged between her breasts that seemed to pop out of her low-cut dress.

Am I making this up?  Absolutely not!  The best part for me, was that Gordon didn't like what she did.  It seemed that everyone at the table was embarassed, so we fit right in with the crowd!

He never seemed to do anything to encourage women to treat him this way.  They just seemed to be drawn to him, always.

Okay.  Maybe the term babe magnet isn't the greatest one to select, because truthfully, people in general just gravitated to him.  Not just females, either.  Males, too.

Why?  I really can't say.  I have no idea.  Some people are just that way. 

In fact, even most of my relatives who live a distance away seemed to gravitate to him.  Between his looks and his personality, he just drew people into a friendly relationship. 

In N. Ireland, we shared wonderful times of craic, laughing and carrying on with my relatives.  Relatives that seemed to love him as if he were their blood relative.  Well, he was family.  To them, and to me.

Yes, I miss him, terribly. 

I miss his companionship, his love for me and his sense of humour that always brought a smile to my face.

As I sat at his grave, I thought all this and more.  Please hang in there, because I will continue this, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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