Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Too Good To Be True?

Lately, I've been writing about the Celebrating Christ conference(s), where I was asked to be a speaker.

As discussed, God made provision for me, in every way.  From ability to speak and sing, to content and delivery, I knew exactly what He would have me do.  Because, He gave me the direction.

Most people who know I have written the book Love Never Fails You... may have thought I would be speaking about my book, but if they thought this, they would have been wrong.

No, God gave direction on what He wanted me to speak with regards to, and I was being obedient to His calling.

If you've been reading Life with Lynnie for a while, you'll know that I even began looking and test driving Roadtrek vans, searching for the one God would provide for me to use, while travelling.  Knowing I was scheduled to travel for several months, I knew in my heart I didn't want to be living out of a suitcase, packing and unpacking, while moving from motel/hotel, to motel/hotel.

From an investment point of view, it would be a good investment, and not just because it would provide me with my own bed and living accommodation, but also because it was planned for me to speak in Wichita, Kansas, USA in November, for which I would need transportation. 

What you may not be aware of is that in California in February 2012, I was scheduled to speak, followed by speaking arrangements in cities across the southern U.S., like Tucson (Arizona), Las Cruses (New Mexico), Houston (Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana), and later at a city in Florida, yet to be determined.

I had been asked to arrange a conference in the Detroit, Michigan, USA area for the last weekend in April 2012; and, another conference for the first weekend in May 2012, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  Yes, I had even spoken with pastors of churches where the conferences may have been held.

Did you notice?  I said may have been held.

Somehow, the other shoe seemed to drop.  It definitely became apparent that indeed the whole schedule of events was too good to be true. 

What happened?

Well, on the surface, I can tell you that the person in charge of the ministry who was hosting and arranging the conferences, received an opportunity to work for another ministry and was lured away. 

Even so, I had been told that all conferences were cancelled, except the Wichita conference, in November and the California conference, in February.  Apparently, these two (2) were to continue as originally planned.

After this, a chain-reaction seemed to happen.  People who held positions on the board of directors decided to resign. 

Without being formally informed, I found out through a fellow speaker that indeed all conferences had been cancelled.  All!  Every single conference! 

Upon receiving confirmation of this, my heart sank.  After this, I too resigned from my position on the Board of Directors for the ministry.  I'm not sure, but I presume I was the last person to do so.

In any case, it was heartbreaking for me.

Not just because of the excitement of the opportunity I had been planning to fulfill was gone, but also, because I knew that my thoughts and dreams of God changing my life for the better, doing His work, faded away.

It was like another death in my life.  Okay, it is not really a physical death in life, but certainly it was a loss that served to make me feel like God indeed was not changing my life, at all, not even to do His work.

Until next time...

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