Monday, September 26, 2011


If you've read recent entries in Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that I've been discussing ministry.  Working for God. 

Yes, I was given an opportunity to work for God.  To minister to others in a way I had never thought was possible for me to do.  By, becoming an inspirational speaker, called by God to speak His word and truth, to others.

What a blessing this was to me! 

As I mentioned yesterday, it appeared to me that God was finally going to change my life from one of utter uselessness, to one of fulfillment, doing His work.  My soul cried out with gratefulness to Him, for this opportunity!

Preparations were needed.

Some friends and acquaintances wondered how I could do this.  Some commented that they could not stand up before a crowd of people and speak, sing and generally do God's work.

I understood where they were coming from.

I recalled how throughout earlier years in my life, I felt exactly the same way, that I couldn't stand in front of people and talk.  But, I also recalled how after I fainted in my friend's kitchen, before having to do exactly this at my first home party, I managed to do as was required of me.  Even though sweat poured off my face, I did it.  In retrospect, I knew I wasn't alone.  Even then, when I wasn't walking with my Lord. 

My mind flashed back to how afraid I was to ever sing solo.  Sure, I could sing in a group, where no one would notice me, from the crowd that would surround me.  But, the thought of ever singing when someone could hear me, actually prevented me from having a music career, when I was young.  God had changed this for me.  Now, I not only sing solo for events at church, I sing a capella.  And, I even participated in a music contest, last year; no, I didn't win.

Physically, emotionally and spiritually, I cried out to Him for help!  Praying He would provide for all my needs, as He promised in His Word He would do, I never once despaired over this.  I knew in my heart this is exactly what God would have me do!

He prepared me.  Within minutes of praying and asking for guidance to know what to speak about, God revealed a plan for me.

I had been asked to speak to attendees with regards to those who are single, those married, those divorced, and those widowed.  Phew!  This was a lot, to be sure!

But, as I said, God made a way where there wasn't one.  He showed me precisely how to make the presentation and what to say.

I needed music.  God provided for me.  A Facebook (FB) friend even sent me music for a song he wrote, giving me permission to sing it during the conference(s).

He provided everything I needed, with regards to the conference, including confidence.  And, provided for all my personal needs, too.

I never had a concern with regards to God providing.  He had always provided for me in the past, even when I wasn't walking with and/or living for Him, so I didn't worry about that.  In my heart, I knew He would provide. 

After all, in the Bible, He has promised His children that He will always take care of them.  Of which, I am one.

Until next time...

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