Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More International Fun!

In case you haven't yet read the last couple of Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, I would suggest you do so.  I'm sure you'll have a chuckle reading about my international shopping excursion with my friends K and C.

When I left off yesterday, we had been shopping.  But, there was still more shopping to be done, before we headed for home.

We finished up shopping, by stopping at a Meijer's store.  Again, I left empty-handed; after all, I am not a true-blue shopper, as apparently my friends are!  They both had more to carry home!

To be honest, by the time I left the store, I was absolutely exhausted, yawning every few seconds.

I meant to make the turn back onto Eureka Road, but probably due to my yawning, our laughing and conversation, none of us noticed the intersection!  It's rare something like this happens to me, but when it does, I never worry.  I always feel that as long as I'm headed in the right direction, that's all that matters!

Both K and C feel I should get a navigation system of some kind.  I don't feel I need one!  God kind of proved me to be correct, that He is in control of all things, for the road we were on actually led us directly to I-75, even if it was in the midst of construction.

Was I ever glad we missed that turn!  Thank You, Lord!  The error we thought would cost us time, actually saved us time!

Within a few minutes, we found ourselves at Mexican Town Restaurant, near the Ambassador Bridge. 

C decided to have the same dish as what I enjoy, whenever I visit my favourite Detroit Mexican restaurant.  Chicken quesadillas, filled with chicken, cheese, guacamole.  Mine with jalapenos!  Mmm.... mmm... good!

K was different.  She ordered a small order of beef fajita; it was still large enough to feed two (2) or more people.  Of course, with refried beans and rice in addition to the main part of each entree, that makes for a lot of food!

Needless to say, we all brought home food with us!

K had made it clear she was treating us this time, because she felt it was her turn.  Thank you, K!  May God bless you, friend, for providing us with a delicious meal.

Not to mention our fellowship time!

I believe my friends were as happy as I was about the time we spent, together.  All in all, the whole day was a wonderful time of fellowship and fun.

Until next time...

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