Friday, September 23, 2011

Mistaken Identity?

Yesterday, while on Facebook (FB), I conversed with a friend of mine who lives half way around the world.

This friend is a young man, who lives at home with his parents.  Unlike most of his cronies, he has not yet completed his studies that will lead him to university or college. 

The reason?  He's not good with languages, he's told me.  Although he understands, reads and writes some English, he has had trouble learning another language that was required of him, in order to graduate.

Not only does he feel sad for not graduating, but he has told me clearly how depressed he is, feeling useless and good for nothing.  Those were his words, not mine.

He's made it clear that his parents, who cannot read, belittle him.  His friends make fun of him.  Even though he is trusting in Jesus for his salvation, he feels he has no purpose here on earth.

To make matters worse, this fellow has begun becoming fed up with people and life in general.  Enough to the point, where he loses his temper, now.  A few days ago, he told me how he badly cut his hand, when he punched a mirror, instead of his brother, after being ridiculed.

This young fellow is just one person God has brought into my path, who needs encouragement.

I pray for him, and do what I can to lift him up, to encourage him so that he will see that God loves him.  If you can find it in your heart to do so, please pray for this hurting child of God.  Thank you.  May God bless you for this.

My friend and I chat, almost daily. 

It's rare that this young man posts anything on my wall, but yesterday, he sent a group message to a few people, me included.  The Youtube video was rather sad.  Even so, I decided to post the video on my wall, in an effort to be supportive of my friend.  After all, he sees me repost from other sources!

I've done things like this from time to time, in an effort to be supportive of those who are hurting.  Then, we usually chat and I either pray for him on-line, and/or let him know that I will continue to pray for him.

Well, last evening, something else happened.

A fellow realtor, who I have known since he first began selling real estate, shortly after I was licensed, messaged/chatted with me.  At first, I was shocked to see a message from him, for I never usually have contact with this person.

When I read his message, I was floored!

He asked me what was up with all the Bible verses and other religious stuff being posted on my wall.  He went on to say he was getting worried about me, because some of what I had posted that day was rather depressing.

In the message, he finished up letting me know he was worried about me being depressed, knowing that I was still grieving.  He told me he was concerned that I might be headed for a nervous breakdown.

At first, I was bewildered.

After praying and giving it some thought, I realized that this realtor friend of mine may have thought that what I posted was a reflection of my mood.

Let's face it.  Grief isn't fun.  Nor is reflecting upon a lifetime of hurt, sorrow and heartbreak.  And, I am not saying I don't have my moments from time to time, when I feel low and in need of being lifted up, especially in prayer.  However, yesterday was not one of those days.

In retrospect, I am glad I never commented to my realtor friend, except to thank him for his concern.  Had I responded in more depth, before taking the time to think about this more and pray about it more, I may have responded incorrectly.  After all, I do think that what happened with him yesterday was a case of mistaken identity!

Then again, maybe not.

Until next time...

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