Saturday, September 24, 2011


If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that a real-life as well as Facebook (FB) friend of mine was concerned about my emotional well being. 

While I believe the person was mistaken that I was depressed yesterday, I must admit there are times when I need to be lifted up.  Even if yesterday wasn't one of those days, I appreciated hearing from my friend, with whom I have little contact, except through work.  If you're reading L, I appreciate your concern.

Then again, maybe I am not aware that I am posting negative stuff, when I am feeling rather down and out.  This fact was brought before me through a telephone conversation yesterday with my friend M, who has remarried, after being widowed, previously.  She had some good advice for me, which I will take to heart.

This is not unusual for me to admit to being not perfect in my state of mind, especially at those times when I feel burdened with grief.  Usually, I will speak up when I am feeling low, so that others who are close to me will come along side of me in friendship, as I do with them, during their times of need.  

After all, we are not island unto ourselves.  Everyone has times when they need a friend to lean on.

It used to be that even though my life had been filled with pain, sorrow, family problems and more, I had Gordon in my life.  When we married, I felt like God had finally turned my life around, from being not great, into a life where He was blessing me.

I was wrong; I wasn't blessed at all.  Anyone who knows the experience I had with Gordon, would understand that instead of being a change in life for the positive, it proved to be just one more trial in life, for me.  If you've read my book Love Never Fails You..., you'll understand where I am coming from.

Yes, there was frustration.  Not just with Gordon's health and other life issues.  But, with God, too!

Anyone who understands grief, knows that being angry with God can be part of it.  Yes, I am still grieving.  However, I find from time to time that I am upset with God, too.

How can anyone who has suffered trial after trial, after trial, after trial in life, not reach a point where they are upset?

I was upset enough with Gordon's life trials that brought me almost to despair, but after he died, I began asking myself:  What was all this forDoesn't God have anything good in store for me, in my life?

Then, things began to change.  As I helped others with their grief, depression and prayed with/for those experiencing life's trials, I began to feel better.  It didn't take long for me to recognize that God did indeed have a plan for me.

His plan seemed to involve helping others, but also in ministry.

No, I am not referring to becoming a minister/preacher.  But, there are many ways in which a child of God can minister to others without being in paid positions of authority over others.

People began encouraging me to write a book.  This is what led me to do so.

Knowing that others are suffering through life's trials, and knowing some of them need to be shown love, is one way we can minister to the need of others.  This, it seems, is what I do best.

How do I know this?  Because every day, more and more people come to me on FB, asking if I am a minister, looking for someone they can talk to.

Until next time...

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