Friday, September 9, 2011

Meeting (s)...

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I never finished writing about that day.

Yes, you probably read that Wednesday, September 7th, would have been my now deceased brother Glenn's 51st birthday.  And, you more than likely read that I didn't get to do pool exercise, but was able to go work out at my friend M's basement gym.

In case you weren't aware, I'll let you know that upon being weighed and measured, I experienced success, again this month!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

Wednesday, around suppertime was a busy time for me.  Especially on Facebook (FB).

Most people play or interact with friends on FB.  I do this, too!  However, I also do work for God.  In addition to being an administrator for some FB groups, I quite often counsel/support people who are feeling rather low, usually relating to circumstances of their lives.

In addition, many friends want to chat.  While I try to chat with only one (1) friend at a time, this isn't always possible.

In fact, I had five (5) people wanting to chat with me all at the same time!

Handling this wasn't easy!  To start with, after greeting my friend(s), I determined if they had a need to speak with me or if they just wanted to say 'hi' and chat.  Those that didn't have a special need, I informed that I was busy and could not chat with them at that time.

That left me with two (2) friends to chat with at the same time.

This is a rather common occurrence for me.  If I am able to chat with only one (1) person, I am grateful, because I still multi-task, doing work on FB at the same time as chatting.

There came a time when I had to finish chatting, because I participated in a (HIS) Hearts In Service Ministry on-line meeting.  Being on the Board of Directors, we have meetings from time to time.  This was one of those times.  Here's a link to the ministry's web-site:  I hope you'll take the time to check it out!

At the end of this meeting, I found myself rushing out my door, to be able to arrive on time at a local restaurant/coffee shop, where my book reading club was meeting.

We usually meet the first (1st) Wednesday of each month.  Last month, I didn't make the meeting, so this month, I really wanted to be there!

For some reason, the restaurant owner was late opening the doors, once again.  This happened previously, because they aren't usually open at suppertime.

Eventually, thinking the owner may have forgotten, we all left there and drove a block away to a Tim Horton's coffee shop.  No, this is not the same location as where Christian Singles' Cafe met, but was actually closer to my home!

In any case, I ran into a neighbour; this was the first time I had seen this person outside our building.  He wanted to treat me to coffee and visit, but I let him know I was with a group and invited him to join us.  He didn't, because he was going to be leaving within a short time.

We had a great meeting.  The discussions regarding our book of the month are usually good.  But, the fellowship is even better!

It never ceases to amaze me how God provides for me, always.  How even during those times or days, when life can be sad, He always makes something good come out of it. 

Of course, even if it is amazing, it is not surprising, because He promised us in Romans 8:28, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Until next time...

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