Friday, September 16, 2011

Love Sin...

It was actually shocking to me to see a family being interviewed at approximately September 13th, 2011, 8:25 a.m. on ABC's Good Morning America.

The shocking part wasn't just because there was one (1) man with three (3) wives, although that was shocking enough, even if it was television in U.S.A., where freedom of speech exists as it does where I live, in Canada.  There was more that got my attention.

These four (4) people were being interviewed about a book they had just written, so it was obvious why they were being interviewed.  No, I won't tell you the title, because I don't want to be contributing to anyone being led astray if they read the book and decided to follow that lifestyle.

It was not just shocking to see that these people were being interviewed on national television, but even more so that the interviewer seemed really excited to interview this group.

Sad.  That's what it was to me.  Watching everyone on the screen so very happy to admit they were sinning and not following God's Word, no matter how religious they claimed to be.

Are you shocked, like I was?

I'm sure we all know that polygamy exists, no matter how shocking it is.  I doubt that there is anyone around who hasn't heard stories of this lifestyle, whether it be on television, radio, in book format or whatever.

It's not the fact that polygamy exists that is shocking.  To me, it's the fact that it is being accepted!  And, if the interview was to be taken at face value, even welcomed.

No.  This is not the first time I have come across this; although as I mentioned, I am shocked at how well received this concept seemed to be.

When I lived in the Toronto suburban area of Brampton, I sold real estate, as I do today, and have since 1988.  As realtors, we used to do Monday morning inspecitions of homes, going on caravan, they called it in that area.

I cannot tell you how many times we walked through homes, viewing them for layout and condition, etc., where there was more than one (1) masterbedroom and more than one (1) woman in the home.  In many cases, each bedroom was in essence a masterbedroom

In almost every case of seeing multiple bedrooms, there were multiple family room areas.  Since most of these homes seemed to be of split-level variety, it was common to see the lowest level being used as one big bedroom for children.  Rather than furniture in these rooms, it was usually a room filled with mattresses and bedding on the floor.

It was plainly obvious by furniture etc., that these were cases of polygamy.  How can this exist, especially here in Canada? 

I must add that on more than one occasion, while on caravan, we realtors were kept out of a bedroom.  The husband was nowhere to be seen.  At first thought, you might think he was at work; he may have well been.

However, on a few occasions, we wouldn't be told that a bedroom was occupied and we would accidentally enter; well, at least the first realtor(s) would, until it was declared that no one should enter, because there was a man and a woman in the bedroom.

On one occasion, when I hadn't been told to not enter a specific bedroom, I (along with some of my cronies) knocked on a door, thinking it may be a den or something, because we were told to come in.  Upon opening the door, we found a nude couple embracing each other, only partially covered by a sheet.  The man asked if we wanted to join them!

There's more to be said with regards to this topic, but I will have to continue this, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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