Sunday, September 18, 2011

In A Dither...

Today, is my Lord's day, so as I do every Sonday, I went to worship my God!  Afterwards, I saw my real estate partner/friend C for coffee and to discuss some business, before heading to Gordon's grave, at the nearby cemetary.

I thought I'd take the time to tell you some of my life's events, before they become a memory of the past!

Friday was a really full day for me.  Yes, I managed to do some work early in the day and later, in the evening, but in between was different than usual.

Earlier than is normal for me, I went to my friend M's basement gym, to work out.  Afterwards, I rushed home to shower and change and barely made it on time to the skin specialist's office for my appointment.  Phew!  I was grateful God provided for me.  His timing is always perfect!

The results of this appointment made me happy.  The reason for the appointment wasn't anything serious to worry about.  I praise God and thank Jesus for this!

As I exited the building, I phoned my co-worker/friend C and I did the same with my neighbour/friend K.  This was part of our plan, since we were to meet at my church, over on the west side of Windsor, close to the bridge that would take us to U.S.A.

On the way to meet my friends, I realized I had forgotten at home the printouts I had made with regards to not only the item I was hoping to purchase, but also the directions to get to the store!  Oh, dear!

There was no time to drive home, so I called my daughter P, who is a whiz with computer and/or cell phone access to internet!  She was about a two (2) hour drive away from home, in London, Ontario.  It had slipped my mind that she had a medical appointment there, with one of my grandsons.

In any case, there was someone home at P`s, so I went there to drop off something I had for P and while there, I used her computer to access the information I needed.  Thank you, Lord...for making a way for me!

While I am thinking about P and my grandson S, I wish to thank God for keeping a hedge of protection around them providing travelling mercies for them, as they travelled our province.  I pray God will provide for S, so that surgery will not be necessary.  Only time will tell. 

Only God knows if He will provide a miracle healing for S.  In any case, I ask that you please pray for healing for S; hopefully, he won't need heart surgery any time, soon.  Thank you for this!  May God bless you!

Eventually, I made it to my church parking lot!

Were my friends K and C ever happy to see me!  They wondered what happened to me.  After explaining that I left home in a dither and forgot my info and more, they understood.

We climbed into my van and off we went on our international excursion!  To read about what we did and where we went, please stay tuned!

Until next time...

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