Saturday, September 3, 2011


After my great night's sleep at the Best Western Des Plaines (close to O'Hare airport) last Friday night, I awoke about 5:30 a.m., feeling refreshed.

After showering, getting dressed and packed up for our flight back to Detroit, J and I met in the breakfast room/lounge where we enjoyed another delicious breakfast.  Yes!  Once again, I made myself a waffle!

We checked out just before our taxi arrived about 7:30 a.m.

This taxi driver was wonderful!  Kind, considerate, and friendly!  The best part to me, was that he didn't take us on an extended tour of the area, like the driver did who brought us to our hotel, when we arrived.

Why, I am not sure, but J went through the security area just fine.  I was a different story.  For some reason, I was directed to get x-rayed in a special machine.

The woman at this x-ray unit, was rather abrupt and rude, raising her voice to me when I had trouble spreading my legs apart wide enough to suit her.  My knee felt like I would collapse right there on the spot!  Thank God, it didn't!

Then, once in position, she wanted me to raise my arms above my head as shown in the picture posted  she yelled at me.  If she only knew that I can't raise my arms that high!  Especially my right arm and shoulder, ever since my bus collision of 1980.  Somehow, I managed to appease her.  X-ray complete, I was directed to walk back through the regular security area.

Apparently, as I was being x-rayed, my purse went through the regular system.  I had forgotten I had a bottle of water in it, when I placed my purse on the x-ray system that checks such things.

Great!  I actually drank some of my water, then threw out the rest!  Then, I had to once again go through security!

Eventually, J and I relaxed at our gate area.  Emotionally, I felt in control. 

Yes, I thought of Gordon, but thanked God for helping me through this first in my life, without him.  All around me were couples.  I prayed for each one.  Once again, I was reminded of my loss.  Not just of Gordon, either.

Last Saturday, was the ninth (9th) anniversary of my mom's death.  My heart broke thinking of both Gordon and my mom.  Even so, I stayed in control of my feelings.

That is, until J began talking about her mom a lot.  All of a sudden, I felt overwhelmed.  Although I didn't burst into tears, they began falling down my cheeks.

I felt terrible in my heart.  Even so, I regained control.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

After arriving in Detoit, we made our way to the parking area and drove to one of our favourite Detroit restaurants.  Mexican Town Restaurant

Not only did we enjoy every morsel of our meals, but I brought home with me an order of food that I enjoy, to put into the freezer for future use!  All except what I gave to J, the following day!

Thank You, Father, for helping me.  Thank You, for providing us travelling mercies.  Thank You, for keeping a hedge of protection around us.  And, thank You, for your Son, Jesus Christ, who has saved us from an eternity in hell.

If you don't yet know Jesus as Saviour, please trust in Him, today.  Today, is the day of salvation.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Until next time...

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