Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Birthday J!

As I do every SONday, I went to church last Sunday.  Today, I did so, again.

Just as I had done last Sunday, I checked on the house I own, near the University of Windsor, before going to the cemetary to visit Gordon's grave.

While in South Windsor, I had to see my real estate co-worker/friend C.  You may or may not be aware that his diabetes affected his kidneys to the point where he is now having dialysis treatments three (3) days per week.

Arriving home, I had some baking to do.

Normally, when it is a family birthday, I bake a birthday cake, taking care to decorate it wishing my loved one Happy Birthday!  This day, it was different.

My grandson J doesn't really like cake.  Rather strange, don't you think?  I do, but it's true.  He prefers veggies!  I suppose this is truly a blessing, in some ways.

In fact, whenever it is time to celebrate a family birthday, he usually tells me that he doesn't want any.  Usually, I can talk him into having a small piece, but since it was his birthday we were to celebrate, I decided to do something a little different.

A few days before his special day, I called him and asked if he would like a traditional-style birthday cake, or if he would like me to make him banana muffins; the ones that I make, that he loves to eat.  When I offered him the choice, he immediately responded with a resounding answer:  banana muffins!

So, banana muffins it was!  Since J was turning 13, I made sure I bought candles that would work better with muffins, plus I added a candle for good luck and a sparkler for fun.

My daughter B, had invited me to join her family, her latest beau and a couple of girlfriends, with some of their children, for a BBQ.

J is usually a laid-back lad.  Even on his birthday, he was no different.  I kind of thought he might be really excited becoming a teenager, but he assured me he didn't really feel any differently than he did the day before!  :-))

Here's a pic of J, taken before his candles were lit!

Happy 13th Birthday J!

Until next time...

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