Friday, September 2, 2011

A Great Evening!

Some of you may know that when J and I were still in downtown Chicago last Friday, after we left the Water Taxi, we had to endure many staircases and ramps again due to construction blocking some of the roadways, as I mentioned previously.

We made our way back to the building where the train had brought us into downtown Chicago, thinking this would be where we would catch the train.  This time, we knew we had to go to O'Hare airport on the train, before taking a local bus to our hotel.

When we asked which track we should go to for our train, we were told that the blue line train wasn't accessible at that station, that we had to travel to another train station. 

As per directions given us, we exited the building and caught a bus at the corner.  Yes!  For once, someone gave us proper directions!  Thank You, Lord!

A few blocks along, we got off the bus and entered the train station, where we actually found the blue line train!

Eventually, we arrived at O'Hare airport and made our way to where the local bus stop was located, in the Kiss and Fly  drop-off and parking area.  It wasn't long before we were on our way back to our hotel.  All without a hitch!  Praise God!

We knew, right from before we even checked into our hotel, exactly where we would have dinner that evening.  As soon as my friend J heard that across the street from our hotel was one of her favourite places to eat, we decided to have our supper there, instead of travelling anywhere to locate another restaurant.

After we cleaned up, we crossed the street and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Burger King!  Go ahead.  Laugh!  I do, every time I think of this!  lol

Afterwards, we both rested up for a while.  I read my Bible.

Eventually, I changed into my bathing suit and headed to the pool!  J arrived in the pool room, shortly after I did.  No, she didn't arrive ready to use the pool, because she hadn't brought a bathing suit.  She didn't really want to use the pool. 

However, I was very happy to be able to do my one (1) hour pool workout!  J was happy to just read her book.

Of course, each of us took time to check e-mail, etc.  In fact, I responded to Delta's e-mail, regarding checking in on-line and printed off our boarding passes.

Here are a couple of pics I took of my room; sorry, but I didn't photograph the whole room.  I'm sure you'll agree that I am not the world's best photographer, but I am sure you'll see that it was a lovely room I enjoyed!

Once again, I read my Bible, finishing up the book of Daniel.  In my opinion, I had a great evening!

By the time I turned off the light, I was drifting off to never-never-land.  Ah, I enjoyed my sleep that night!  Thank You, Jesus!

Please bear with me for one more day.  Gee!  It sure has taken a long time to tell you about a one day trip!  :-))

Until next time...

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