Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garfield, Melancholy & Thankful...

I decided I just had to tell you about one Sunday, a few weeks ago.  I probably should have written about this sooner, but I didn't.
Before I begin, I would like to thank you for prayer, for my grandson Z.  I appreciate prayer for him, more than you know.  Again, may God bless everyone for praying for healing for Z.  Believe it or not, prayer is still needed, as he still has not completely healed from his injuries.

I decided I just had to tell you about one Sunday, a few weeks ago.  I headed to LaSalle, just outside of Windsor.  A friend of mine on Facebook (FB), that I had never personally met, was expecting to see me.

S owns a shop that sells collectibles and unique items.  Truly, I wasn't aware of this until Friday, when he posted a pic of a 1981 Garfield alarm clock; the pic that I am showing, below.

He had posted his number and the price he wanted for Garfield.  Why I called S, I truly don't know. 

However, I looked at S's photo and my heart skipped a beat.  Did I see Garfield?  Yes.  But, I also saw Gordon and that feeling of grief overcame me, again.

I'm not in the habit of purchasing collectibles for myself.  In fact, it was always Gordon who bought me keepsakes relating to Garfield and Sylvester.  Usually, just little things that meant a lot to me, even if they weren't of any real value, monetarily.  I suppose this is why my heart wrenched for Gordon, when I saw the Garfield clock.

S agreed to hold it for me.  I agreed to pick it up either Saturday, or Sunday.  Since I knew I had to check on the house, and worship over on the west side of Windsor, just minutes from LaSalle, it made sense for me to complete the purchase, Sunday.

Arriving at my apartment, I quickly found a new home for Garfield.  My heart was melancholy.  Happy, yet sad.  Happy thoughts of Gordon, yet sadness, too.

I did something else, that had been bugging me for a while.  Two things, actually.

In my washroom, I had a dripping tap that had been bothering me.  In addition, somehow my light switch cover had become loosened off and was hanging out of place.

Again, my thoughts went to Gordon.  He always did things like these small repairs.  Okay, small to him, but big to me!

Making sure I had tools at hand, I proceeded with the most difficult one first.  The dripping tap.

Before beginning, I shut off the water to the bathroom taps.  Then, I removed the cap from the handle, removed the screw and the handle itself.  Using a wrench, I loosened off the valve stem until I could remove it.  The hardest part of this whole thing was locating the proper sized washer!  I removed the old one and tried several that Gordon had stored away for future use.  Eventually, I found the right sized washer, and reinstalled the screw to hold it in place, before reinstalling the whole system.

Voila!  Done!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!  I couldn't have done it without You, because I have never done this in the past.  Even so, you guided me and worked through me to accomplish what I set out to do.

Then, came the light switch.  It's not just a normal on/off light switch, because I have a dimmer switch installed there.

Even so, I got the right screw driver ready to use, removed the dimmer lever and removed the cover plate.  Then, I saw exactly what the problem was.  The unit hadn't been properly secured.  So, I secured it and reinstalled the cover plate and the dimmer lever.

Voila, once again!  I praise God for helping me.  Not just physically speaking.

I had been feeling rather down lately, even just seeing these things need doing and realizing that the love of my life would never again be with me to do these tasks.

Well, let's see.  In the past, I've installed locks and handles.  Does this mean I'm a locksmith?  A short time ago, I replaced the washer in the toilet's Fluidmaster; today, I changed a washer in the tap system.  Does this make me a plumber?  And the latest, securing and repairing the wall light switch problem.  Does this make me an electrician?

No.  It makes me Lynnie, who trusted God to help me.  He did.  And, I thank Him, immensely!

Until next time...

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