Thursday, September 29, 2011


Over the last few days, I've been writing on Life with Lynnie  (LwL) about how hard life can be, how others are affected and how I am affected by events that can feel devastating.

There is one aspect that needs to be talked about.  Something that every person I have ever spoken with seems to feel, when dealing with a serious life's trial.


It's bad enough to work at employment like mine, where rejection is experienced on a regular basis that, those of us who work in real estate, learn to to deal with it.

It's worse to deal with being rejected by family members or friends.

But, there are times when those who are suffering with serious life's trials, feel rejection.  This is probably the worst to experience.  The feeling of being rejected by God, I mean.

Think I'm imagining this?  Believe me, I'm not.

In addition to that disasterous feeling of not being loved or wanted, depending upon what the trial being experienced is, the feeling of being rejected by God is the worst.

A few days ago, I mentioned a young fellow who is a Facebook (FB) friend of mine, who has been feeling rejected by his family and friends, because he didn't pass the final exam this year, that would enable him to go on for further education with his cronies.

As I mentioned previously, he feels rejected by his friends and family, but he also feels useless, lost and without hope.  Why?  Because, he feels rejected by God.

Although this lad is a believer, trusting in Jesus Christ for his salvation, he does not know God's Word, the Bible well enough to use it the way God meant it to be used.

God gave us the written Word, not just so we would know how to obtain salvation, although that is one very important purpose for it.  He also gave us His Word, so we would understand what He expects of us, in return.  In addition, God gave us His Word, so we would be comforted by the promises God made us.  It is my prayer that every single believer will come to know, understand and rely on those very promises, to help them through their lives.

I must admit that whenever I feel low in spirit, I don't usually stay feeling that way long.  Why?  Because, I remind myself of God's love for me.

He loved me so very much that He made provision for my salvation, by sending His Son, my Lord, Jesus Christ, to earth, to die on a wooden cross for my sin, and for the sin of all who would believe.

In addition to reminding myself of this very important piece of information, I also recall, claim and rely on the promises that God made me...and all who will believe, in His Word.

One of the most heartbreaking things for me to realize, when conversing with a believer who is suffering rejection, is that most of the people do not know God's Word well enough to do what I do.  Recall, claim and rely on His promises.  Including my young FB friend, who is suffering at the moment.

Does this sound strange to you?

It doesn't to me, because this is/was all part of God's plan.  He told us that we may suffer trials in life, so that we can lift up others who are suffering the same trial.

It was shocking for me to truly understand 2 Corinthians 1:4, "Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God."

How many times had I read the complete Bible before this finally stuck in my mind?  I cannot tell you.  But, I am grateful to know and understand God's Word well enough to be able to help others.

I also realize that if I had never experienced serious trials in life, I would not be in a position to truly help others.

So, I must thank Him, for He has shown me a reason.  A reason to not only go on living, but also a reason for some of the heartbreaking situations I have had to live through and deal with.

Still, just as I pray for others, I pray for myself, for I too, need healing.  Total, restorative healing.  Of course, when I finally go to heaven to be with my Lord, I will be fully healed! 

So, until then, even though I thank God for every day of my life and for every trial in it, I will also continue to pray every night before going to sleep, that it is His will to take me home; to allow me to fall asleep in my bed, and to wake up in heaven, not on earth.  What a comforting thought!

Until next time...

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