Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthdays... International Shopping!

Before I begin with today's entry, I would like to say that had my mom lived, today would have been her birthday.  I love her and miss her very much.

In addition, today is my sister's birthday; even though you have chosen to have no contact with me, I want you to know that I love you...and wish you a very Happy Birthday!

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that on Friday, after rushing about like a chicken with my head cut off, I drove off my friends K and C, with me.

Within minutes we crossed the bridge into Detroit, Michigan, USA and were off on our international shopping excursion!

Laugh if you like, but I truly an not a shopper.  In fact, I really don't like shopping.

Maybe it's because that since I was injured many years ago, doing an excessive amount of walking is difficult for me.  At least now, I feel I am strong enough to manage to walk through a store, without having to ride on a scooter, as I have done most often, in the past.

In any case, we followed the internet directions and had no trouble finding the store I needed to shop at:  Cabela's, in Dundee, Michigan.  Where on earth is this, you say? 

Well, after crossing the bridge, think of a >, with the upper arm being I-94 and the lower arm being I-75.  In the middle of the distance between the end of the two arms, is approximately where Dundee is located.

We could have driven either direction, but I chose to drive to Cabela's using the I-94 directions.  We found it with no trouble!  Thank you, Lord!

For those who have never heard of Cabela's, it is a huge store filled with hunting, fishing, camping supplies and furniture etc., for cottages/cabins.  Wow!  It seemed enormous!  Whoever designed this store knew what they were doing!  There was something for everyone.  Even a children's area!  Not to mention, there was a walk-through aquarium that the three of us enjoyed!

I was grateful they had the item in stock that I was looking for.  What was it?  A Luggable Loo

Chuckle if you like, but before Gordon got so ill we couldn't travel, we had discussed obtaining one.  After all, there is nothing worse than finding yourself in the middle of nowhere and having to use a washroom. 

Knowing that I have not yet found a suitable Roadtrek van, that would have a toilet to use enroute on my way to speaking conferences, I decided I should get a Luggable Loo.  Besides, even if I find a Roadtrek now, it would have to be winterized.  The toilet would not be of use to me, until I de-winterized the unit after arriving in the warmer, southern U.S.A.  Hence, the need for an alternative!

Yes, I located a store that sold them in Canada, but at almost three (3) times the cost of buying one in U.S.A. didn't make sense buying one in Canada, especially since my friends and I sometimes go across the border for an international lunch.

Leaving the store, we enjoyed a quick Wendy's lunch.  Then, I elected to not return the way we came, because it would take us longer to get to the next shopping area we intended to visit.  So, I used my brain and reversed the alternate directions I had hand-written at P's, before we left Canada. 

Thank you Father, for the grace to not get lost along the way!

K sighed and commented on how relaxing it was, driving through the countryside and not being on an interstate highway.  Eventually, we did arrive in Taylor, Michigan and made our way to the new Walmart store that opened only a couple of days ago.

Both K and C had items in mind to shop for, so we went our separate ways, and met up, later.  C didn't find what he was looking for, nor had K.  In fact, neither had I.  This was absolutely mind-boggling to me, because this new store was absolutely huge; I have never before seen a store so large!

Even worse, was the fact that I truly enjoy my LovePats undies, that I can only get in U.S.A.  Okay, I need to qualify this...that I used to be able to only find in U.S.A.  It seems that I cannot find them, anymore.

In any case, we took off to find the K-Mart store that Walmart's lingerie department supervisor gave me directions for.  We found it without any trouble!  Again, thank you Lord!

Here, K found what she was looking for, and more.  C found what he was looking for, and more.  As for me, well I left almost empty-handed; I purchased a camisole I knew I needed.

Even though our international shopping excursion wasn't as productive as I would have liked, we had a good time.  There's more to be said, but I'll have to continue, tomorrow!

Until next time...

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